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How To See Durability In Minecraft – A Complete Guide

by Mashum Mollah
how to see durability in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the few games that require a significant amount of effort from players. Throughout the game, your attention and concentration are required. To improve as a player, you may employ various useful tools, weapons, and armors in Minecraft. Unfortunately, with time, these products lose their effectiveness. That’s why you must understand how to see durability in Minecraft.

Seeing the Minecraft durability is not as complex as finding the seed of a Minecraft server. You can just press the F3+H keys together. But do you think you can stop scrolling now since we have told you how to see durability in Minecraft? Well, you are wrong. There is more to the game than meets the eye. So, keep reading the article, and we will tell you all about Minecraft durability.

What Is Minecraft Durability?

What Is Minecraft Durability

Before we tell you how to see durability in Minecraft, let us start the discussion by defining what Minecraft durability is. All tools, weapons, armor, and particular other useful objects fall under Minecraft durability. It indicates the number of valuable activities that an object can perform, which declines in capacity as the item is used. 

The bar’s color starts off green, but it turns yellow, orange, and finally red as the durability reduces. When the durability bar is depleted, the object is on the verge of being destroyed. By combining two broken things or fixing them with materials in a grindstone or anvil, or by using the mending enchantment, you can enhance the power of the Minecraft display durability bar.

How To See Durability In Minecraft?

How To See Durability In Minecraft

To start with, locate the item symbol on your screen. A tiny bar will appear beneath this symbol. This bar will allow you to check the status of your object. For example, the bar’s color would be one of three options: red, green, or yellow. To enable the ‘Minecraft see durability’ option and get the precise durability figures, press the “F3” and “H” buttons together. To find the exact amount, move your mouse to that bar.

Looking at the item’s durability bar on the bottom of the item in the action bar and inventory will show you how much it has left. A durability bar does not appear on objects that have not been used. The colored portion of the bar shortens right to left as the item’s durability declines, changing color from green to red and leaving an empty grey region. Due to rounding to the closest pixel 1-down until the tool or armor is destroyed, the durability bar is displayed as empty when the item has a limited number of uses left.

The durability of a weapon or tool picked up by a mob does not degrade. It stays the same as it was when the mob initially picked it up. A helmet worn by an undead mob in direct sunlight, on the other hand, loses durability as the helmet absorbs the mob’s damage from burning. When items with the ‘Unbreakable tag’ are utilized, they do not lose their durability or break. Even with advanced tooltips enabled, the ‘Minecraft show durability’ option will not work there. But it stays preserved in the NBT data.

How To See The Durability Of An Item In Minecraft?

How To See The Durability Of An Item In Minecraft

To defend themselves against their attackers, Minecraft players employ various tools, weapons, and armors. Therefore, it’s great if they can keep themselves informed on the state of their instruments. Otherwise, their Minecraft goods will begin to deteriorate. 

The durability of Minecraft objects indicates how long the item’s attributes will last. It also shows you when your equipment will become obsolete as a result of your gaming. So if you want to know how to see durability in Minecraft, it’s ideal if you keep an eye on the longevity of your Minecraft items.


Armor durability is determined by the kind and material of the armor. Each piece of armor the player is wearing loses 1 durability for every 4 hearts of incoming damage when they receive damage that can be mitigated by the armor. Armor damage can be reduced by direct assaults from mobs and other players, as well as being struck by a thrown trident, arrow, bullet, snowball, lightning, or fireball. One of the best enchantments for armors is ‘Minecraft Mending Enchantment,’ which will increase its durability. 


Bows, flint and steel, fishing rods, carrots on sticks, deformed fungus on sticks, and elytra are examples of non-block-breaking tools. Such tools are no better than bare hands in breaking bricks, but they do not suffer damage due to doing so. Instead, they suffer harm as a result of being used in diverse ways. A block-breaking tool is only counted if the player entirely dismantles one block or strikes a mob. When an item with an Unbreaking enchantment is used, it does not permanently lose durability; the probability of losing durability is 1 in every enchantment level. 

How To See Durability In Minecraft 1.14?

How To See Durability In Minecraft 1.14

Do you want to know how to show durability in Minecraft Java edition? Let us tell you it’s a bit different from the process we have described so far. You can also check how to make concrete in Minecraft 1.14. However, just follow a few steps to check durability in Minecraft 1.14. Let’s take a look;

1: On your Minecraft server screen, you will see an icon named object.

2: Move your cursor to that option.

3: You will see a colored bar beneath the option when you place the cursor upon it.

4: From that bar, you will know the durability of that item.

5: If you press ‘F3+H’, you will see the durability in number.

6: You have to press the command simultaneously to see the durability in numeric form.

7: Finally, you can see how many times you can use the item or how many more damages the item can withhold.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):-

Do you think we have answered all your questions regarding Minecraft durability? Well, if yes, you can skip this section. But, if your answer is no, you can take a look at this selection.

1: How Do You Show The Durability In Minecraft Windows 10?

Ans: Ans: You can press the ‘F3+H’ command together to check the durability of Minecraft tools and armors. Moreover, you can also press the ‘FN+F3+H’ command to see durability in Minecraft vanilla. 

2: What Are The Best Enchantments Minecraft?

Ans: One of the best armor enchantments Minecraft is Mending. Besides that, Unbreaking, Fortune, Looting, Sharpness, Power, Protection, Efficiency, and many more that we consider as some of the best enchantments. The smite enchantment is also a popular option to use on your axe, or sword in this game.

3: How Do You See The Durability Of Bedrock In Minecraft?

Ans: Ans: You can simply move your cursor on the item and discover the colored bar. If the bar is green, it means your item is in excellent condition. If it is yellow, the state is medium, and if it is red, the situation is poor. But, always check the durability of a used item only.

Signing Off

We have given elaborate details on how to see durability in Minecraft in this article. In addition, we have also covered topics like Minecraft tool durability, best enchantments for armors, and so on so that you can increase your items’ durability while playing the game. If you have any more questions on this gameplay, share with us in the comment section. 

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