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Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook? Problem Solved!

by Sofia
why can't i comment on facebook

Trying and failing to make a comment on Facebook might compel you to ask why can’t I comment on Facebook. If it is happening to you for the first time then it might even be more complicated for you.  Finding a solution to this problem will definitely be your priority but not until you find out why.  

This is exactly why asking why can’t I comment on Facebook is the best place to start from this process.  Once you get to know exactly why you are unable to post on Facebook you will be able to take the necessary steps.  These steps will then make it possible for you to comment on Facebook or at least establish the reason behind this.  

That said, the article below takes a look at some of the reasons why you might not be able to comment on Facebook. If you have been asking the question can’t comment on Facebook then this is the article you need to read.  From the article, you will be able to find some explanations as to why this is the case.  

Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook?

Before even delving further into this issue it is even more important to question the authenticity of statements like why can’t I comment on Facebook. Is it true that people sometimes find themselves in positions where they cannot comment on Facebook or they are just making this up?

Yes, it is and that is true, that these issues are there.  This is confirmed by even Facebook itself.  However, what makes the difference in all this is what exactly accounts for this situation.  Why exactly do so some people get into these positions to an extent of asking why can’t they comment on Facebook.  

Well, the reasons for this situation vary from one person to the other.  There are quite a number of reasons that account for this situation.  Looking at them, you will be able to understand exactly why some people find it hard to comment on Facebook. Once you know this, you will be able to know what to do to save the situation. Re-login your Facebook account, probably your problem can get a way back.

It Could Be Because Of A Bad Network 

Before thinking of the complete things that could make you not comment on Facebook, look at the simpler things first.  As you ask why can’t I like or comment on Facebook first make sure that you have good networking.  Make sure that wherever you are you have a stable and reliable network that can enable you to make a comment on Facebook.  

If it is then it might be essential for you to look for a place with a reliable network. Once you have a stable network, you can try out this process again.  If being unable to comment on Facebook was due to a network problem then doing this might help you change things.  

Comments Might Be Turned Off Without Your Knowledge 

Not everyone appreciates comments, especially on Facebook.  There are some people that are so sensitive on this issue.  As such, they do not take any comments lightly and as such, they turn them off.  In such a case, you might not be able to make any comments on their photos. Do you know Facebook won’t let me post? I think,  there has been a disruption, wait for a while and later you check. 

In such a case, you might find yourself asking questions like what can’t I comment on Facebook and others.  However, no matter how much you try in such a case you might not be able to make any comment.  For you to do so maybe you might have to contact the account holders if you know them and ask them to allow comments in their posts.  

However, in cases where you do not know these people then it might not be possible for you to do so.  In a nutshell, in a case where the comments are turned off then it might not be possible for you to make any.  Unfortunately, there might also be so little that you can do in such a case to be able to comment in the end.  

The Facebook User Might Have Blocked You 

Being blocked on Facebook has also led to people asking why can’t I comment on Facebook.  Sometimes you might want to make a comment on Facebook but due to being blocked, you might not be able to do so.  Given that this is a looming possibility means that it is one of the prime reasons why people cannot comment on Facebook.  

Once you are blocked on Facebook, there is no way you are going to comment or even like people’s posts or even photos.  There might not be a window for you to do this unless you are unblocked which sometimes never happens.  Unless you were blocked mistakenly, you can call the people who blocked you and ask them to unblock you.  

If they do then you might be able to make comments on Facebook.  However, in the event that they are not able to do so then it might become somehow hard to do this.  Take note of this even as you ask yourself why can’t I comment on Facebook.  

A Technical Issue With Facebook 

This possibility can also not be ruled out. Even though it is the least of the possibilities as to why this is the case, it can still be the reason as to why.  Once in a while, Facebook encounters some problems that make it hard for people to post comments on photos and posts.  The only unique thing with this problem is that it affects many people as opposed to an individual like in the other cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

it is a positive side of your mind is mocking you with some relevant questions. Most of my readers asked for certain clarification. They asked questions like “facebook won’t let me post”. That is why I thought to add some common questions that can come to your mind. let’s discuss them.

Q1.  Why am I blocked from commenting on Facebook?

A. probably a specific person has blocked too from commenting on their picture or posts. But if you can’t comment anywhere then it is probably a short time problem. Don’t worry you will get permission to start commenting on others’ pictures.

Q2. How do I know if I’ve been blocked from commenting on Facebook?

A. If someone has blocked you, then you won’t get their posts as well as the comment section. I have seen on many pages, they don’t allow the public to post comments. Therefore, when you will open an image, there will not have the option of posting a comment. This is how you’ll learn why Facebook is allowing you to comment.


The text above tries to answer the question why can’t I comment on Facebook.  If you have been facing this issue then read the text above.  From the text, you will be able to find some reasons that explain why this is the case.   

Do you have more questions? Ok, you leave comments in the bellow section. I will definitely raise myself to answer you.

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