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by Mashum Mollah

We believe the fact that your ideas will allow the readers to gain in-depth knowledge on various niches. You need to follow the guidelines if you want that your content is published on our website.    

Guidelines You Need To Follow 

  • The content must be 100% plagiarism-free, and you need to remember that even 5-7% of the plagiarism in the content is also not allowed. 
  • Your author’s website link must have no follow attribute. 
  • The author bio must be between 20-40 words. 
  • Your article must comply with the SEO perspectives, and the quality of your content must be of the highest order. 
  • Your articles must be of lengthy contents, and they must have a word length of 1000 words.   
  • The title must be around 60-64 characters. 
  • Make use of the bullets and the numbers to increase the user-friendliness of the content. 
  • Grammatical & Spelling mistakes in the content are strictly prohibited. 
  • Make use of Royalty-free and relevant images like Pixabay and Freepik.com. 
  • Do not publish your content to any other site once it is posted on our site. 
  • Remember that your articles or the links must have no relation with the gamblings, casino, and adult sites.   
  • Using the Do Follow Tags, you need to seek our permission, but you can use the no-follow tags in our article.  

You can fill the contact us form, or connect with us at this mail id webmaster@redhatmedia.net to ask your queries for your guest posting, blogging questions, feedback, and advertisements.