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About Us

The Circleboxblog.com is a multiniche magazine site for readers, authors, and writers to share their creative ideas with the world. We are a multiuser content publishing platforms that allow readers and writers to publish updated news in different niches. You can use the circle box blog to showcase the fantastic writeups that you have written. You are welcome in our online publication to share your best works after following all the guidelines.   

How Does It Work? 

We have a team of writers who produces excellent content, and it gets published once the article is screened by the editorial team. Your story will get published successfully once you follow the editorial guidelines. Keep in mind that we have no control over where your content will show up; it entirely depends on the comments, likes, and shares to fit your content on our website.   

We allow our users to interact and engage with our community of writers.  We believe in receiving feedback from the other writers for our stories published on our site. 

Follow The Guidelines   

Try to write captivating content starting from the beginning to the end of your content. Remember one thing: it is your story, so do not use “I” as your opinion is not valued here. 

Before you submit your write up ensure that there are no grammatical errors or any spelling mistakes. For every story, you have to submit a word count of 1000 words. 

You are welcome to write content on different niches like technology, business, real estate, education, social media, and many more. We do not accept those contents that do not follow the proper guidelines in the correct order.     

You can connect with us using the contact us form or at the mail id webmaster@redhatmedia.net for your blogging queries, guest posts, feedback, and advertisements.