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How To Find Deleted Tweets? Read Now

by Sofia
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Once in a while, you might delete a tweet and then find yourself looking for it later on.  If not that, it could be a tweet from your friend or someone you know that you want to retrieve. The truth of the matter is that a good number of people do not have an idea of how to find deleted tweets.  

This situation has led some of these people to look for ways of avoiding losing valuable tweets to them or giving up hope on those that are lost.  With not much information about how to find deleted tweets, it might be hard for you to even know where to start when looking for deleted tweets.  

That said, the text below attempts to provide you with ways how to find deleted tweets.  From the text, you will be able to find any useful information you need to enable you to carry out this process successfully.  If you have been having this problem in the past then this text will offer you the kind of help you need to make the process a success.  

Is It Possible To Find Deleted Tweets From Deleted Accounts

This is one of the questions that people ask more frequently.  Is it possible to find deleted tweets from deleted accounts?  The answer to the question is a much bold yet simpler one and that is a no, you will not be able to do so.  Conventionally, it is not possible to find deleted tweets from an account that is deleted.  

However, if you use a 3rd party account application or access the twitter internet archive then you might be able to find such tweets.  Therefore, if you know that you might not be able to afford the methods suggested to you above, better be careful.  

Where necessary, try and retrieve all the information you need from an account before deleting it.  Where necessary, sieve through and get all the tweets you need before you can delete your account. This way, you will not have to go through the hassles of having to look for ways of retrieving your tweets.  

How To Retrieve Deleted Tweets From Existing Accounts 

When it comes to the retrieval of tweets from an existing account then the case is a bit different.  Here, it is possible for you to do so but again it is not an easy thing as such.  There are quite a number of ways that you can use to retrieve deleted tweets from existing accounts.  

For instance, you can use a native Twitter application, or if not that you can also do so using a third-party application.  However, you need to know that overreliance on third-party applications to retrieve deleted tweets can be somehow of a risk.  Giving out so much of your sensitive information to these third parties is a much bigger risk to take.  

The thing is, you never know what they will do with the information you provide to them.  In some cases, some of these third-party applications might even steal your Twitter login information.  These, among many other reasons, are some of the things that make the use of third-party applications for this purpose somehow risky.  

Finding Deleted Tweets 

To save you all the hassles that come with this process, there are a number of ways that you can use to find deleted tweets.  You may select from these methods depending on your convenience as well as the effectiveness of the method you have preferred.    

Make Use Of Twitter Native Advanced Search 

Like in the case with all the cases of digital technology, making use of the native application for all your needs is by far the safest means.  All you have to do is follow a much simpler procedure and you will be able to carry out this process successfully. The procedure that you need to stick to for you to achieve success with this process is the following: 

Step 1:

First, go to your Twitter advanced search engine 

Step 2:

Once you are here move ahead to the people subheading 

Step 3:

From this location enter your username without having to use the @ symbol which is located and these accounts field. 

Step 4:

From here go to your dates then input your start and the end of the date search parameters 

Step 5:

Click the search and from here twitter will display all those tweets right from the time period you choose.  

If you feel that this method is not the best and most ideal for you, try out doing things in a different way. For instance, you can search for your tweet’s keywords under the subheading words.  Once you do this, you will be offered three options on how to find deleted tweets.  

The first option that comes up when you make this search is all these words [ here, you will only be able to see those tweets that match your search parameters 

The second option is this exact phrase [ Here, you will only be able to see tweets that have the exact word as well as the word placement as your preferred search. 

The third option is any of these words { here, you will be able to see a display of tweets that have at least one of the words in your speech. 

Even though the use of this method how to find deleted tweets comes with limitations, it can still work out perfectly for you.  However, if you are not interested in sharing your classified information with third parties then this is one of the approaches you need to consider.  


There are many methods you can use how to find deleted tweets.  The text above takes a look into the best ways that you can use to carry out this process.  Even though there are many approaches you can use in this regard, it is important to only use those that are more convenient.   

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