Which CSS Attribute Would Change An Element’s Font Color To Blue?

by Sofia
which css attribute would change an element's font color to blue?

Which CSS Attribute Would Change An Element’s Font Color To Blue?

This is one of the questions that people have been asking over time.  It is such a problem that many people are trying to find a solution to this problem without any success.  

Before answering this question, it is important to try and look into this subject even further. CSS offers you control over the text that appears on the built web pages and also manages them properly.  Changing font colors requires the use of keywords and many others but it is not an easy process to carry out.  

Using CSS Styles In Changing The Font Colors 

Color values are in many cases expressed as color keywords, color numbers, or even RGB color numbers.  To carry out this process or better still in this lesson, you might need to use an HTML document.  Doing so will enable you to see the CSS changes and then separate CSS files that cannot be attached to the document.  

Using Color Keywords In Changing The Font Colors 

If you wish to change the text color right in your paragraph in your HTML file.  To do this go to the external style sheet and then type p { }. Once you do this, place the color property right in the style then follow that by a colon like the p {color}.  Once you are doing this, move on to add then your preferred color value after the property then end that with a semicolon.  

Use Of Hexadecimal Values To Change Font Colors 

Even though using the color keywords to change the font colors might work, it might not be perfect.  In fact, if you asked so many people or carried out your research then you will realize that it does not always give the required precision.  For instance, if you wish to change the text to green, red, and blue, or even some other basic colors then color keywords might not be the best choice.  

Even though this approach might work, its precision in some cases is not always the best.  It is exactly because of this reason that some other methods and means are recommended.  This is exactly why you need to be considering the use of hexadecimal in this bid.  As you ask which CSS attribute would change an element’s font color to blue. 

Hexadecimal In Changing The Font Colors 

This CSS style is so good as it can be used in coloring your paragraphs black.  The main reason for this is because of the hex code #000000 which translates to black.  Other than that, you can also use shorthand with the hex value and then write it as #000 with the exact results.  

P { 

Color: #000000


Hex colors are known to work well especially when you need a color that is not black or white. For instance, the hex code offers you the ability to set a specific shade of a blue or even a mid-range or slate-like blue.  

P { 

Color: #2f5687;

Hex works by simply setting the RGB [ RED, GREEN, BLUE] values of any color separate from the base sixteen values.  This is exactly why they contain letters A all the way to F and also digits 0 to 9.  Each one of these colors red, green, and even blue gets its own digit value.  OO in this case is the lowest possible value while the FF is the highest.  

These colors listed in the RGB come in the hex order.  This means the first 2 digits are a representation of the red value and so on. The others colors come in the same way with value all playing a role in all of them.  

Use RGBA Color Values To Change Font Colors 

Finally, you can now use the RGBA color values in editing font colors.  The good thing is that RGBA is supported in almost all modern browsers.  This, therefore, means that you can use all these values with confidence that it is going to work for most of your viewers. Other than that, it is much easier for you to set easier feedback as well.  

There Other Ways Of Styling An HTML Page As Well 

It is also possible to change a font color with the use of an external style sheet, an internal sheet, or even an inline styling.  All this is done right within an HTML file.  However, it is only right for you to use an external style sheet for your CSS styles as a best practice.  

Changing The Font Color With CSS Attribute 

Clearly, from the text above you can see that it is very much possible to make this change.  However, knowing which CSS attribute would change an element’s font color to blue is not easy.  Even though it is very easy to carry out this process, pointing out a specific CSS is something that still requires more research to be fully understood.  

Nonetheless, the text above contains some useful information that you can use in performing this task.  There are many ways that you can change an element front color to just blue but other colors as well.  As you read through, you will be able to find proper ways that you can use to carry out this process properly to the end.  

Changing an element font color to blue with the use of CSS is possible but still complicated.  As you read above, you will find ways that you can use to do this successfully.  It might not be able to point out to an exact CSS but it is possible to work out this transaction.  


Which CSS attribute would change an element’s font color to blue you might want to know? The text above contains ways that you can use to carry out this process successfully within a short period of time.

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