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Exploring The Virtual World Of SpaceHey: The New MySpace

by Debamalya Mukherjee
Exploring the Virtual World of SpaceHey: The New MySpace

Gone are the glory days of sharing music and openly discussing your own views on MySpace. An influential social media site once renowned in 2008, fell from its glory days after its short-lived tenure. However, a new spiritual successor is taking its place – SpaceHey.

If you wish to know more about this website, you are in the right place. Read this post till the end to learn more about this MySpace revival website created by an 18-year-old.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Using SpaceHey  

SpaceHey is slowly gaining more popularity over time as more and more users start using this MySpace revival website. But why should you use it? After creating an account here, here’s what I found fascinating about why is SpaceHey MySpace:

1. Old School MySpace UI  

Old School MySpace UI
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If you loved using MySpace back in the day (you must be a Millenial then), you will love this website. The default layout of this website is precisely the same as MySpace from back in the mid-2000s.

It has a pretty simple layout that can be easily navigable without loading too many pages. On the top of the page, you have the menu toolbar, where you will get options to visit other pages. So far, this includes:

  • Home: Return you to the homepage of this website.
  • Browse: Search for users and other content.
  • Search: Search specifically for users and groups.
  • Messages: Check your messages and inbox using the SpaceHey Instant Messenger.
  • Blog: Check out new blog posts by other users.
  • Bulletins: Boards to check out recent posts and requests.
  • Forum: Lets you explore various discussion forums related to multiple topics.
  • Groups: You can search for and join discussion groups with like-minded people.
  • Layouts: You can customize the layout of your profile page using HTML and CSS coding.
  • Favorites: You can set up and access your favorites – users, posts, groups, etc.
  • Invite: You can invite other non-users to join using invite links sendable through text and social media.
  • Shop: Here, you can shop for products sold by other users on the SpaceHey marketplace.
  • About: Read more about the creation and user policies of this website.

2. Code And Customize Your Profile  

Code And Customize Your Profile
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One of the most innovative features of SpaceHey is the creative control it gives its users. On this website, if you know a bit about web development and coding with languages like HTML and CSS, you can customize your profile page to an extent never seen before.

If you know front-end coding, you can make your profile page look extraordinary. This makes SpaceHey profiles the most visually appealing to look at compared to other social media platforms.

In addition, if you are not well-versed with coding, then tension is not. This site has many default SpaceHey layouts that you can choose from. These are built by other users as profile templates for other users. Here, you can choose from many layout templates and change them whenever possible.

3. Private Security  

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all come under scrutiny by their users and media for numerous hacking attempts. Many users’ profiles and accounts have been hacked, especially the ones of celebrities.

Therefore, the creators of SpaceHey have decided to do things differently. To value the privacy and security of users, they have removed many features found on other social media websites. This includes the removal of search algorithms and tracking of search inputs that other social media’s use to produce personalized ads for you.

However, the search data of users these websites store to create ads are the first to be targeted by hackers. Since SpaceHey has no tracking system for personalized ads, no user data gets stored. No data collection – no data for hackers to hack into.

4. Share Content On Other Social Media Websites  

You can share content posted on SpaceHey directly to other social media platforms. When you post on this website, you can see a share option below it. As you click on this option, you will instantly be able to share it elsewhere too.

5. Embed Content From Other Sites  

No matter how big Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get, they still don’t have an embed feature for their posts. This is where SpaceHey leaps forward by allowing the use of embedded posts.

You can simply share the link to YouTube videos and see the video directly from the website. This feature is similar to the one we see on sites like Reddit and previously seen in MySpace.

6. Independent Music On The Go  

MySpace was, at one point of time, the best place for new artists to share their music with the world. This was before the rise of YouTube and Facebook. Since SpaceHey is a homage to MySpace, it has kept many of its purposes intact.

Like MySpace, this faithful recreation is also an excellent place for new independent artists to share their music. This is because, unlike YouTube, this platform is meant to promote healthy discussion regarding contemporary artists and their releases to create a community around it.

7. Boundless Discussion Forums  

MySpace was a healthy website for open discussions to take place. Similar to its more basic counterpart Reddit, the site had various discussion forums regarding various interesting broader topics.

The same can be said looking at SpaceHey reviews as well. If you click on the Forum option from the home page, you will get the discussion list. Here are the categories of forums for discussion available on this site as of now:

  • Art and Photography
  • Automotives
  • Books and Stories
  • Dreams and the Supernatural
  • Fashion, Style, Shopping
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Friends
  • Games
  • Goals, Plans, Hopes
  • Helping each other
  • Jobs, Work, Careers
  • Life
  • Movies, TV, Celebrities
  • Music
  • News and Politics
  • Parties and Nightlife
  • Pets and Animals
  • Podcasts
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Romance and Relationships
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • SpaceHey
  • Sports
  • Travel and Places
  • Web, HTML, Tech
  • Writing and Poetry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  

Old MySpace users have various queries about SpaceHey, which I have answered below:

Q1. Who Owns SpaceHey?

Ans. SpaceHey is created and owned by Anton ‘An’ Rohm – a 21-year-old German web developer. He developed it to revive and pay homage to MySpace way back in 2020.

Q2. How Many People Are Using SpaceHey?

Ans. As of 2023, approximately 600,000 people are using SpaceHey globally. This number has not been updated yet, and no demographics are available either.

Q3. Is There A SpaceHey App?

Ans. As of 2023, there are no SpaceHey apps available on any platform. Although, various rumors confirm that its development might start after it has reached 1 million active users.

Q4. Why Did MySpace Fail?

Ans. MySpace failed because of many reasons like:

a. Stiff competition from Facebook and Twitter
b. Lack of innovation
c. Poor financial management
d. Legal issues
e. Data breaches

Say Hey To Your New Friends!  

SpaceHey is soon emerging to be a new website for the creative freedom it gives to users. With the ability to customize your own profile page using coding, you can stamp your identity on this website. Plus, it is 100% free of cost, and features no unintuitive ads as well!

If you know about any such new and emerging social media platforms, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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