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How To Recover Deleted Files From BitLocker Encrypted Drive In Windows

by Sofia
How To Recover Deleted Files From BitLocker Encrypted Drive In Windows

Data encryption is one of the good practices of the industry. It helps the users keep their data safe and secure and adds an additional layer of security in the time of theft. One of the popular data encryption software for Windows users is the Bitlocker Encryption tool.

BitLocker is an encryption tool that offers users the freedom to encrypt their drives completely. The security of this encryption tool is so good that even the drive owner needs encryption to unlock the drive.

Although BitLocker is an excellent software tool, it sometimes acts as a double edge sword. Why? It is because of the complex data recovery procedure. Once the BitLocker encrypted drive is deleted or becomes inaccessible, you need to go through a laborious process to recover the files.

This is where BitLocker Recovery software shines the most. iBoysoft is among the few software tools that offer BitLocker encrypted data recovery.

How To Recover Deleted Files From BitLocker Encrypted Drive?

When we are talking about recovering a BitLocker encrypted drive, there are two scenarios we need to consider. First, where the data have been normally deleted. And second, when the data had gone through permanent deletion.

Recover Normally Deleted Data

Recovering normally deleted data is easier compared to permanently deleted data. Here are a few methods you can use to recover normal deleted data. It is one of the best means that you can follow to improve your business. 

Method 1: Restore From Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is the first place to look for deleted data. When a file or folder is deleted, it is stored in the recycle bin. This feature of Windows takes accidental deleting into consideration and gives us a chance to UNDO our mistakes.

Method 2: Use Data Backups

If you are good with your data management, you must have data backups. You can use these data backups to recover your deleted files. We believe that data backups are the most effective way to counter data loss scenarios, especially in the case of Bitlocker encrypted drives.

Method 3: Use Undo Feature

This feature works only when you have just recently deleted the files. If you accidentally deleted any files from the Bitlocker encrypted drive, just press CTRL + Z. This shortcut key will take you a step back, restoring the deleted data.

Recover Permanently Deleted Data

When dealing with permanently deleted data, it becomes a lot harder to recover it, especially BitLocker encrypted drives.

To recover deleted data from BitLocker encrypted drive, we will be using iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software. How to recover files from Bitlocker encrypted drive? Will no longer be a matter of a great problem. 

Step 1: Connect The Drive That Needs Recovery

Before starting with the data recovery process, ensure that the drive from which data deletion has taken place is connected with the system. If it is an internal drive, nothing to worry about. But if it is an external drive, connect the drive with your system.

Step 2: Install iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software

Now, install iBoysoft BitLocker data recovery software in your system. After the installation, you will see all the attached drives are listed on the system screen.

Step 3: Select The Drive

Go through the drives and select the BitLocker encrypted drive. When you click the drive, the system will ask you to give an encryption key or recovery key.

Step 4: Scan The Drive

Once the password is provided, the system starts the scanning process. This might take a while, depending on the volume of the drive.

Step 5: Preview & Recover The Results

The results will be on the screen. Scroll down the results, and filter out to get the relevant search results. Preview them and recover.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you recover files from Bitlocker encrypted Drive? 

In the area of the Bitlocker, many of the files cannot be recovered. Provided that the decryption can be recovered provided that the correct decryption password keyword is saved or known. Proper planning is essential to recover your files in the best possible ways. It is one of the best means to get things done in the correct way. 

How do you recover files from the Bitlocker Encrypted partition? 

There are several ways that you can recover files from the Bitlocker Encrypted partition. Some of the essential types of files are as follows:- 

  • You can decrypt the locked file. 
  • Previewing the results can become easy and effective. 
  • You can recover the lost Bitlocker files

Can deleted encrypted files be recovered?    

From the secure data recovery service, you can recover the encrypted file as it offers an 80% of success rate. All the engineers are now using safe, secure data to make things easier for the encrypted file. Proper planning is important to recover the encrypted file in the best possible ways.    

How can you recover the Bitlocker with a password recovery? 

To bypass the BitLocker recovery key is essential for your business when you want to encrypt the BitLocker encrypted key drive without a password. If you wish you can reformat the drive without any encryption. It needs your password recovery key. It will help you to achieve your objectives in the best possible manner.    

Final Words

As of now, you will be well prepared to recover deleted data from BitLocker encrypted drives. However, data recovery is a solution when a crisis occurs; you must take the necessary measures to secure the data so that you never get to this point.

The best way of doing that is by backing all your data. Nothing is more effective than data backups. It can easily restore the lost data without any issues.

We hope that this blog has helped you to recover your deleted files from BitLocker encrypted drive.   

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