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What Does The Smite Enchantment Do In Minecraft? A Brief Guide

by Sofia
What does smite enchantment do in Minecraft

There are so many details to the Minecraft game which remain complex but essential at the same time.  For instance, knowing what Minecraft does is one of the details of Minecraft which remains so complex.  Some people even ask the question what does smite enchantment do in Minecraft to gain an understanding of how they can use this tool.  

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast, then it is important for you to find out what smite does, which makes the question of what does smite enchantment does in Minecraft genuine.  This text will try to look into these details to help you gain better insights into the role of smiting in Minecraft.  

What Is Smite In Minecraft? 

What Is Smite In Minecraft
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When the question of what does smite enchantment does in Minecraft comes up, it opens up avenues to other factors which are essential as well.  For instance, finding out what smite in Minecraft is so essential and momentous to an understanding in this regard.  

The Smite in Minecraft is an enchantment that is used by Minecraft users whenever they are faced with dead mobs.  These dead mobs normally appear in the overworld and are normally so hard to kill.  Ordinary strikes without any kind of enchantment might not be able to produce the required damaging strikes to kill these undead mobs.  

This is exactly why smite is so essential in this game.  It adds more damage to the strikes you make on the undead mobs, killing them instantly.  If you are playing  Minecraft games and you want to become efficient, then you need to use the smite enchantment.  

What Does The Smite Enchantment Do In Minecraft? 

What Does The Smite Enchantment Do In Minecraft
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Having looked at what the smite enchantment is, it is now time to look at what the enchantment does in this game.  To put it in the right way, smite is one of the simplest enchantments there is in the Minecraft game, and its main purpose is that it is a damaging agent.  If you are one the experienced Minecraft players then this is one of the tools you can use.  

The smite enchantment comes with about five levels, and you can only apply it to axes and swords only.  When faced with the undead mobs in the game, you can boost your chances of finishing them using the smite enchantment, which inflicts a damaging strike to these creatures.  

If you are a player who is using the diamond sword in inflicting strikes, the base damage is going to begin at 8 right on the bedrock edition.  The first level of the smite enchantment can inflict damage that goes up to 10.5.  If you are using the smite level v, then so much of the value is going to be added to the sword, where the base damage of 20.5 will go to the undead mobs.  

Does The Smite Enchantment Come With Other Roles Other Than This?

The answer to this question is a simple one and is a no.  The role of smiting enchantment is not anything further than inflicting deadly strikes. Normally if you try striking the undead mobs with your ordinary sword, then chances are you are not going to finish off the undead mobs in this game completely.  

However, when you use the smite enchantment, then chances are you are going to be finishing off these mobs with a single strike.  Other than this, the smite enchantment does not come with other roles in this game.  Therefore, if your question is what does the smite enchantment do in Minecraft, then the correct answer should be inflicting deadly strikes.  

How To Use The Smite Enchantment In Minecraft 

How To Use The Smite Enchantment In Minecraft
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As you ask the question, what does the smite enchantment do in Minecraft you also need to be ready to learn how this enchantment works.  Therefore, this part of the text takes a look at what you need to do in the use of Smite enchantment in Minecraft.  

To use the smite enchantment in Minecraft, you need to start by adding the smite enchantment to your axe or sword.  You can use an enchantment table in carrying out this process.  Once you have this smite enchantment on your axe or sword, you will be able to inflict dangerous and damaging strikes on all the undead mobs you face in this game.  

With the use of smite enchantments, you will be able to kill all the undead mobs you face in this game.  This way, you will not have to worry about coming to meet other undead mobs which might not have been finished off by the ordinary strikes you inflict.  

It Is All About Efficiency 

One of the things which the smite enchantment does is that it offers you a great deal of efficiency.  For instance, when it comes to moving around, this tool can help you a lot in this regard.  By striking the undead mob right in the head, you will be able to deal with these creatures once and for all.  

You will not have to worry about them coming back to you, which is what happens in some cases.  For purposes of efficiency, this is one great deal that you cannot afford to miss out on.  Due to this reason, it is recommended that if you are playing Minecraft, then you better make sure that you get the smite Minecraft along with you for you to move with ease in this game. It will guarantee you a great deal of efficiency.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does Smite Work Good On Creepers?

Ans: No, smite enchantment is only applicable to the skeletons, winter skeletons, zombies, and zombie pigmen.

Q2: Is Smite Beter With The Sharpness?

Ans: Sharpness is not effective like the Smite. It does less damage and also gives better enchantments. Smite is only useful while dealing with the undead mobs. The enchantments will not go to work on the players, ender dragons, spiders, and other non-undead mobs.

Q3:Is Smite Good?

Ans: Smite applied to a sword or AXE is going to increase the damage and health to the skeletons, Zombies, and Zombies villagers. These are the Skeleton horse, strays, and Husks.


If you have been asking the question what does smite enchantment do in Minecraft then the text above is the right source of information for you.  The text offers you answers to this question and also helps you to understand why you need the smite enchantment in the Minecraft game. 

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