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How Big Is Fortnite – Is It Better Than PUBG?

by Debamalya Mukherjee
How Big Is Fortnite - Is It Better Than PUBG?

Ever since PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) became a raging hit with its never-before-seen Battle Toyale gameplay, many clones have tried taking its place. However, Apex Legends and Fortnite soon took over the mantle as the best battle royale game you can play in 2023. But how big is Fortnite compared to PUBG?

If you are confused as to which of these three games you should play, then hopefully, this post will clear all your doubts.

Why Is Fortnite Better Than PUBG?

If you wish to know how big is Fortnite and whether it’s bigger than PUBG or not, then here are my arguments for the statement:

1. Fewer Bugs Compared To PUBG

I found a (literal) tonne of fail videos on YouTube when I quickly searched for “PUBG failures.” Many of these mistakes were made by the game itself, not the players’ actions or plans. Game bugs were mainly to blame for these failures.

Players can glitch through barriers in PUBG, matches frequently fail on all devices (except mobile), and occasionally, legal headshots will have absolutely no effect on the other player.

These issues don’t occur while playing Fortnite, even if the game runs at 60 FPS on Xbox and PS devices. I’ve never experienced a Fortnite game crash, and I can’t recall ever experiencing a bug.

2. Its Graphics Is More “Appealing” And “Cleaner.”

The visuals in PUBG are realistic and well-detailed. The volume of texture is partially to blame for the rendering and glitching problems in the game.

Fortnite, in contrast, has aesthetics that are welcoming and have modern, crisp lines throughout. Bright colors and a playful visual design contrast perfectly with the game’s violent elements. The game is ultimately more accessible due to the graphic style, which also makes it possible for PC users to play without a top-tier gaming PC.

3. The Game Has Its Personality

Fortnite isn’t too serious about itself. One way the game’s designers show this is by injecting a tonne of personality into the game through frequent updates that feature seasonal skins and events.

The majority of the seasonal content is character cosmetics or new skins, and they are typically entertaining additions to the game. Have you ever wished to witness a cartoon-styled undead Santa Claus? That is only one illustration of a fun seasonal skin that makes the game more interesting.

In contrast, PUBG’s aesthetics are rarely updated or changed, and the player-available cosmetic enhancements are few and far between.

4. It Has Better And Regular Updates

It’s been done well by Epic Games to introduce fresh stuff consistently. In actuality, they’re already providing fresh material every other week without necessitating a new download. 

These supposedly “new” releases will be distributed gradually and integrated into an earlier patch. This keeps users getting new material while giving the devs time to work on more giant bugs. Players may also access new content through daily missions and the battle pass program. Referring to updates, how big is Galactus in Fortnite, the planet eater?

5. Fortnite Skins Are Simply Better

This isn’t to say that Fortnite just has adorable skins and doesn’t have any skins with real power. A bulk of character skins are badass enough to represent the fact that this game is still about murdering opponents.

If you want to dress up as Han Solo, Naruto, Superman, or even Deadpool, you can do so all in Fortnite. Fortnite regularly has crossover events that include cosmetics from other media franchises as well!

6. The Game Has A Bigger Playerbase

In comparison to PUBG, which has over 30 million total players, Fortnite has 45 million worldwide players (and over 3 million concurrent users).

Why does it matter how many players there are? I’m concerned because the fewer inactive players there are, the shorter my wait times in lobbies will be.

Additionally, more players equal more watchers of the stream. The amount of players and watchers is essential to me when choosing a new game to start broadcasting.

I can also tell how well a game is doing by counting the number of players. A game’s popularity indicates how profitable it is for a firm to keep making investments in it. PUBG has a dwindling player base, which has forced Krafton to make the game free for all. This is not a good sign.

7. All Weapons Are Color Coded

The inventory system in Fortnite is comparable to how weapons are color-coded. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and clarifies the weapon system. Players may now concentrate on gaming and placing in the top 10 rather than second-guessing their choices of weapon and self.

It also permits a higher degree of intricacy in terms of the effectiveness of a weapon. As you engage with more skilled players, taking this quality differential into account becomes necessary since a purple shotgun will have more accuracy and damage than a green shotgun.

8. Smaller, But Better And Constantly Updated Map

I can go 20 minutes without seeing another person in PUBG’s vast area, which also has a lot of attractive hidden jewels. As a result, playing and finishing the game takes more time.

Even if there are many strange villages and structures in Fortnite’s smaller area, due to the density of 100 people there, matches tend to go more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding how big is Fortnite:

Q1. How Big Is Fortnite Size In 2023?

Ans. As of 2023, how big is Fortnite PC – it’s around 30 GB. On the other hand, 23 GB is how big is Fortnite Xbox. How big is Fortnite PS4 is 25 GB.

Q2. How Big Of A Game Is Fortnite On Android And iOS?

Ans. On Android and iOS devices, Fortnite is around 3.5 GB on both platforms. However, as the game gets new updates, the file size will increase too.

How Big Is Fortnite Exactly?

After weighing the positives and negatives of both games, I’ve chosen to continue with Fortnite. I’ll join PUBG if a buddy wants a second player for a squad, but I won’t be spending my free time there because Fortnite provides a more rewarding experience overall.

How big is Fortnite? Fortnite is simply more extensive and better in various regards. When it comes to content updates and the overall availability of players, it simply outshines PUBG.

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