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How To Encrypt Your Drive With BitLocker Encryption In Windows 10 Home Edition

by Sofia
How To Encrypt your Drive with Bitlocker Encryption

Data encryption has become one of the major concerns of the digital generation. We have all the data security features to provide security to the data we are using. But there are no data security features that can offer security at the time of data transmission.

Ohh….wait! There is one. Yes, you guessed it correctly. We are talking about the Bitlocker encryption tool. The BitLocker encryption tool made its first appearance in the market in 2007 with the Windows Vista 2007. Since then, it has become a go-to choice for every Windows user for data encryption. How To Encrypt your drive with Bitlocker Encryption is no longer a problem for you. 

What Is BitLocker?

BitLocker is proprietary software of Microsoft that allows the Windows user with the feature to fully encrypt their drive. This allows the users to keep their data safe and secure from any unauthorized entity. In fact, even if your system is stolen, the perpetrator would need the encryption password to access the drive. How to encrypt your drive with Bitlocker encryption? 

Despite being one of the best software offered by Microsoft, it is limited to Windows Pro and Enterprise versions. Unfortunately, that means, if you, like most people, have the standard version of Windows 10 Home OS, you won’t have the BitLocker software at your disposal.

What Are The System Requirements For The BitLocker?

To start with the system requirement, you first need a PC or any system running the latest Windows operating system. It also needs a storage drive with a minimum partition of 2 and TPM (Trusted Platform Module). How to encrypt your drive with Bitlocker Encryption. 

A TPM is necessary to have as it tracks the integrity of the system. It is a small chip that keeps track of the health meter of the hardware, software, and firmware. It is important because it tracks any changes happening in the system and reboots the system into the restricted mode to thwart the attackers.

How To Encrypt Your Drive With BitLocker In Windows 10 Home?

As we have already mentioned above, BitLocker is a software tool exclusively reserved for the Pro and Enterprise version of Windows. So, there are no direct means to use it in a Windows 10 Home operating system. However, you can certainly do so by using the M3 BitLocker Loader for Windows.

M3 BitLocker Loader for windows helps the user enjoy the same features on Windows 10 Home operating system. 

Follow the steps to use the M3 BitLocker Loader for Windows Effectively.

Step 1: Download & Install

The first step is to download the software. Then, visit the official website of the software and download virus-free software. The best part of using the official website is getting software for all the latest operating systems.

Step 2: Launch The Software

Once the downloading is completed, launch the software. After entering the software, you will see all the attached drives listed on the screen. If the drive in question is an external drive, you need it to connect with the system.

Step 3: Select The Drive

Now that you have all the drives connected to the system go through the drives and section the drive you need to encrypt.

Step 4: Encrypt The Drive

When you select the drive, the software will ask you to give an encryption key that will be used as a password to unlock the drive the next time you try accessing it. How To Encrypt your Drive with Bitlocker Encryption to make things happen in the proper manner. 

Step 5: Backup The Recovery Key

Along with the encryption key, the software also generates a recovery key. This recovery key helps the users access and unlock the drive when they have lost or forgotten the password. Hence, the moment you get the recovery key, backups the recovery to a secure location. 

Want To Use BitLocker? Windows 10 Home Isn’t Out Of Option

As you can see, Windows 10 Home is not out of the options when it comes down to using the Bitlocker encryption tool. Yes, you would need the help of third-party software, but you can certainly enable BitLocker on the Home operating system. Use this information in the article to your advantage and enable BitLocker now!   

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Bitlocker Encryption available with Windows 10 home?  

The Encryption of the Windows 10 home is available with the Bitlocker as the supported devices are running on any Windows 10 edition. Windows 10 Pro, Education, or Enterprise can make things easier for your business to grow in the proper manner. 

How do you lock your drive with Windows 10 home? 

You can lock your drive with the windows 10 home to make things easier for you.   

  • You need to locate the hard drive that you want to encrypt under the PC in Windows Explorer. 
  • Make the Right-click on the target drive then choose to turn on the Bitlocker.   
  • Choose the Enter password 
  • Lastly, you need to enter a secure password. 

How can you encrypt Windows 10 with Bitlocker?    

There are several steps you can follow to encrypt windows 10 with the Bitlocker as follows: 

  • Open the Start button. 
  • You can make search on the control panel and click on the top result to open the app. 
  • Make a click on the security and the system. 
  • Click on the Bitlocker Drive Encryption. 
  • Under the operating system of the drive, you need to turn on the Bitlocker option. 
  • You can make the selection to unlock the encryption. 

How can you lock your drive with Windows 10 home Bitlocker?    

You can lock your drive with Windows 10 home Bitlocker and can protect your files from using device encryption like:- 

  • Open Settings. 
  • Click on the security and update. 
  • Make a click on the device Encryption. 
  • Under device, Encryption section turn off the Button 
  • Click on the Turn off the button and then confirm.  

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