Quirky and creative logo inspiration

Logos are used by every organisation, from the largest multinational corporation to the smallest indie bands. That is because logos are an efficient, effective way to tell your target market who you are and what they can expect from you, all with one small image.

Still, because they are used by so many organisations, logos have to stand out more and more. Many companies and other groups are turning to humour and charm to find a logo that demonstrates their philosophy and their products to the rest of the world. Below is a showcase of some of these creative, quirky logos.

Spacebound Creative

Created for a graphic design company, this logo plays on the space age name of the company but gives it a cute, modern upgrade.

Lightswitch Brand and Motion Design

The designer of this logo wanted to convey a light source without relying on the usual cliches. The deep sea-dwelling angler fish provided the right kind of inspiration.

Remod Media

This online video production company wanted a logo that was forward looking and a bit nostalgic. This logo looks like what Victorians would have pictured when someone described YouTube to them.

Silent Giant

Silent Giant is a tour support company, which helps bands tour. The antlers on the tour van mimic the way roads split across a map, adding a bit of humour to a logo that expresses a complex idea.


The designer of this logo was friends with the person who commissioned this logo. She wanted to express the cartoonish, quirky side of her friend’s personality.

Bad Company

This logo is a cartoon of a stereotypical biker, complete with horseshoe moustache and the name of the company is his spiky hair. It plays up the fun, rebellious attitude of the company.

Illy Baby

Designed for a company that makes art supplies for young children, this logo reflects the simple lines associated with children’s art.

Fatty Gets a Stylist

This band logo reflects the style of music the band plays, which is described by the designer as “The B52′s meets M.I.A.”

Ice Cream Soldiers

This is also a logo created for a band. The New Zealand group wanted a logo that was fun, memorable and great for t-shirts, so the designer created Jimmie the Ice Creamicorn for them.

Salami Vice

Salami Vice is a comedy troupe, so they commissioned this logo. It plays on their name’s pun whilst also ramping up the humour. After all, what’s funnier than a sausage detective?

Have you found any examples of creative, quirky logos that you think deserve a mention? Please do let us know in the comments.

Beautiful Brochure Designs

Twenty-twelve has proved to be a very big year in the digital market, with iPads and other tablets becoming an everyday device that many would be lost without if it were snatched from them. Even so, printed materials such as brochures still play a big part in the advertising and promotion world. There’s something about holding a beautifully designed and printed brochure in your hands that a shiny tablet can’t quite beat.

Whether you’re using brochures to promote your businesses services, products or events, or promoting your own work in the form of a portfolio, brochure printing is very affordable and shouldn’t be skipped as an option.

Below are some wonderful examples of modern brochure design – some of these are templates so if you don’t have time to design your own, feel free to click through and buy the templates from Graphic River.


IMA Awards

Douce France

Brick Kiln Farm

Architecture Portfolio

Carbon Fibel


Twombly Photography

Clean Catalogue

Square Brochure

Birth Announcement

Sandera Resorts