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Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay – Which Payment Method Is Safe And Secure?

by Mashum Mollah
samsung pay vs google pay

In today’s world, Near Field Communication is one of the most popular payment methods. With one-click payment alternatives, NFC has made purchasing products and services sufficiently breezy. Google pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay, PayPal, Android pay are the main NFC wallet options. So, we need to find out which one is better between Samsung pay vs google pay.

Many people draw a comparison between Samsung pay vs google pay. However, both payment apps are for Android phones and offer comparable functionality, making it tough to choose between them. That is why, in this article, we will shed light on both payment platforms to identify which one is better between them.

Is Google Pay Worth It?-A Small Overview

Google Pay is a Google app that is dedicated to mobile payment services. A user’s debit card and credit card can be saved in their smartphones, as this payment mechanism allows them to make online and in-app purchases. 

Google Pay’s digital wallet also allows you to save plane passes,  event tickets, gift cards, and vouchers. Then, if the user likes it, they can link it to Paypal and pay cash using it. One of the best aspects of Gpay is the Tap-to-Pay option, which makes contactless payment very smooth.

Any Android phone with the NFC function can enable Google Pay, which allows you to pay with your phone even when you’re at a store. This program is also accessible for iOS users, but the functions available to them are limited. As a result, making retail payments is one of the most crucial aspects they cannot use.

Before Google Pay, Google released Android Pay, which was only for in-app transactions. Both applications joined in early 2018, making it easier to send money to friends and make in-store purchases.

Is Samsung Pay Worth It?-A Small Overview

Is Google Pay Worth It

Samsung is the creator of this mobile payment app. Samsung Pay is only available to those who own a Samsung phone, which implies that you must own a Samsung phone to use Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay, rather than using NFC, uses MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).

One of the best aspects of this software is that it allows users to make payments using contactless devices. As MST imitates the signal from a credit card’s magnetic strips, this is conceivable. It can also be used to store reward and membership cards, and the user can utilize PayPal via Samsung Pay at the same time.

You can also transact as little or as much as you want with Samsung Pay because there are no transaction limits. On the other hand, vendors might impose their own limits on how much they can spend while conducting transactions.

The main disadvantage of Samsung Pay is that it requires a Samsung phone to use. Hence non-Samsung users cannot utilize it. Therefore, between Samsung pay vs google pay, one aspect makes Samsung lag behind in the game.

Samsung Pay VS Google Pay-Differences


CategoriesSamsung PayGoogle Pay
AvailabilityIt’s only available in 18 countries, including the United States, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.It works on both Android and iOS phones, although the functions on an Apple phone are limited. Google Pay is available in 40 countries right now.
Types Of CardsDebit cards, loyalty cards, and store credit can all be kept in one’s wallet for convenient access.Everything may be kept in GPay’s wallet, including debit cards, vouchers, discounts, loyalty cards, and flight tickets, making in-store, and contactless payments simple.
TechnologyIt is majorly recognized because it makes use of both MST and NFC.It utilized NFC, but some nations’ transportation providers allow Google Pay to be used without it.
Security MechanismIt has a sophisticated security mechanism that ensures the account and its contents are secure.Even Google Pay has a rigorous level of security to keep your information safe.

Samsung pay vs google pay-Similarities

Samsung pay vs google pay Similarities

Despite their differences, there are some commonalities between Samsung Pay vs Google Pay. The platforms, for example, are available for both Android users. In addition, you can make contactless payments if your Android handset is NFC enabled.

Another similarity is that both Google Pay and Samsung Pay have beautifully designed wallets. In addition, both mobile payment apps include user-friendly wallets that allow you to access information such as your validated credit and debit cards, boarding passes, and loyalty cards quickly.

There are some other similarities too between Samsung Pay vs Google Pay, such as;


When it comes to security mechanisms and technologies, Samsung Pay vs Google Pay is identical. Both ensure the security of their users’ financial information. 

There are features to ensure that the payment is not made by a third party, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. On the other hand, Samsung is sometimes more trusted in terms of security, as the British government utilizes it.

Global Reach

Global reach

If you travel internationally frequently, Google Pay is a better option than Samsung Pay. It’s because Google Pay is accepted in more than 40 countries. However, Samsung Pay is only accepted in about 20 countries. 

But, because of the MST technology utilized by Samsung Pay, it can be highly beneficial in nations where it is accessible.

Transaction Limit

Transaction Limit

One of the best features of both apps is that there is no limit on how much you can spend while executing a transaction. However, different sellers can set their own minimum and maximum amounts.

Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay-Which One Should We Choose?

Finally, when selecting which of the two between Samsung Pay vs Google Pay, is the greatest, we can only state that it is entirely up to the person. If a person wishes to utilize Samsung Pay, they must have a Samsung phone. 

This is one of the most significant disadvantages, which is why more people prefer Google Pay. A Samsung smartphone cannot be purchased solely to use Samsung Pay. So, we think, between Samsung Pay vs Google Pay, Gpay is the better choice.


1: Which One Is Better Between Samsung Pay Vs Android Pay?

Ans: There is no significant difference between Samsung pay and Android pay because Google Pay was formerly known as Android pay. The only difference they have is in terms of the MST technology. Some people consider ‘Samsung pay’ better because the UK government uses it. 

2: What Is Better Google Pay Or Samsung Pay?

Ans: Google pay is comparatively better than Samsung pay because it is available in more countries. It is also available on both android and iPhones. So, it has a broader user reach compared to Samsung Pay. 

3: Why Is Samsung Pay Better?

Ans: Samsung Pay is available on any Samsung smartphone, and it supports more banks than Google Pay. Its latest encryption technology ensures that your payment transactions and personal information are secured in this app. 

Final Thoughts

If you don’t already own a Samsung phone, Samsung Pay should be enough to convince you to do so. Because it works with all Android devices, including Samsung phones and some iPhones, Google Pay can be an excellent alternative. Although Samsung Pay has an advantage over Google Pay because of its MST technology, the feature has now been removed from Samsung’s newer phones. But. Google Pay has a wider pool of developers who contribute to regularly updating the payment app. So, if you want to know more about Google pay vs Samsung pay, you can ask us in the comment box below.

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