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Facebook Lite Download For PC (Windows 7/8/10/11) – Beginners Guide

by Debamalya Mukherjee
Facebook lite download for pc

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms globally. Created in 2004 by university student Mark Zuckerburg, this social media site became a huge sensation after it launched globally. Its popularity has only grown over time, making it the 4th most visited site on the internet. 

Facebook has approximately 2.8 billion daily users worldwide, which is a testament to its popularity. In addition, the company soon acquired Instagram and WhatsApp to make its product portfolio and integration stronger. 

However, people living in remote areas find it challenging to use the regular version of Facebook due to the high data usage. Therefore, Facebook soon launched Facebook Lite for android smartphones as a solution for these people. 

But how do you Facebook lite download for PC? Continue reading to find out how!

What Is Facebook Lite?

What Is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of Facebook exclusively launched for android smartphones. It comes with limited UI designs and fewer pages and scrolling options to reduce the amount of data used. Facebook lite download for pc is made specifically for people who do not have a fast or stable internet connection.

Why Use Facebook Lite Instead of Facebook?

Both the Facebook app and the Facebook Lite app have their share of positives and negatives that makes them better or worse than each other. They are:

1. Facebook App For Android

Facebook App For Android

This is the official application for using Facebook on your smartphones. It also happens to be the most used way to use Facebook, with app users far exceeding the number of Facebook website users.


  • The UI and the UX are of top-notch quality. Therefore, scrolling various pages on Facebook and checking out your news feed feels smooth and intuitive.
  • Videos and photos get loaded fast as soon as you see them. For example, as you scroll down, you will see video posts in a mini player. You can then mute them if you are not interested in the video and continue scrolling. However, if you decide to check the video out, you can click on it to enlarge it with total volume. 
  • You can do everything possible on the website with this application. All features of Facebook are unlocked. 


  • The Facebook application takes up too much space in your storage space. It takes up almost 1GB of storage space in your phone. This is further heightened by the application updating itself almost daily, making the size of the application go up significantly. 
  • Facebook uses too much data whenever you are using this application. This is because all videos and photos get loaded instantaneously. It also loads up videos you do not want to see and keeps loading them up even in the background. While it may sound intuitive, it takes up way too much internet data. 

2. Facebook Lite App For Android

Facebook Lite App For Android


  • The UI has been toned down to be simpler than before. This makes using this application and understanding its layout easier. Its intuitiveness has not been compromised in any way.
  • Facebook lite download for pc uses way less disk space than the official Facebook application. This is because it has lesser assets compared to the other app. Compared to Facebook, this app weighs less than 10MB. 
  • Its data consumption has been lowered significantly since its UI has been toned down. Therefore, scrolling through posts is now faster since everything loads up faster. As a bonus, videos get loaded only when you click on them instead of doing so automatically.


  • Many intuitive navigation gestures have been removed to favor simplicity. This includes removing the option to make Reels and Video Chat Groups from the home page. You need to access them through other options.
  • The quality of all images and videos loaded in Facebook lite download for pc is worse than the official Facebook app. For example, you can not see videos above 480p 30fps. Forget about seeing videos in HD quality.

From here, you can judge for yourself on whether to download Facebook lite for pc windows 7 or use the official application or the website.

If you have a great internet connection, we highly recommend using the official Facebook application since it provides everything you need in one place. However, the only reason you to Facebook lite download for pc is if you live in remote areas with poor internet connectivity, or use an old, ousted phone that slows down or lags while using the Facebook app.

How To Download Facebook Lite For PC?

How To Download Facebook Lite For PC?

As the Spanish say, you can descargar Facebook lite para pc by following these steps explained below:

  • Search for BlueStacks Android Emulator for PC on Google.
  • Download BlueStacks Android Emulator.exe from its official website.
  • Install the .exe file on My Computer. 
  • Open the application from the shortcut.
  • Log in to the application using your Google account.
  • Open Google Playstore from Bluestacks.
  • Search for Facebook Lite.
  • Install Facebook Lite on Bluestacks.
  • Open the Facebook Lite apk within Bluestacks.

There you go! You have successfully Facebook lite download for pc, which you can do in Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do I Install Facebook Lite On My Computer?

Ans: You can Facebook lite download for pc by using an Android emulator like Bluestacks on your computer. 

Q2. How Do I Get Facebook Lite App?

Ans: You can Facebook lite download for pc by downloading an android emulator for your PC like BlueStacks, and then downloading the android version of Facebook Lite through BlueStacks.

Q3. Is There Facebook App For Windows 7?

Ans: A Facebook app for PC does exist. However, Facebook lite download for pc is not possible without using emulators. 

Q4. Can I Download Facebook On My PC?

Ans: Yes, you can download the Facebook application on your PC.


Since you have come so far, we expect you to know the Facebook lite download for pc process. Using Facebook Lite on your PC is easy to do with the help of Bluestacks android emulator and downloading and installing the android Facebook Lite app through there. So if you liked this article and want to learn more about various social media, share this with others and check our other articles out!

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