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Aniwatch Is Closed But Still You Can Use It, Know How?

by Mashum Mollah

The fan-favorite streaming service Aniwatch has been officially pulled offline. Rumors say that the site owners had some money troubles and a few short server failures, which is why they had to take the site off the internet. 

We agree that it is terrible news for anime fans. However, as one door shuts, another one opens. And that’s the one we’re going to show you today. Free anime streaming sites appear and disappear, which is unfortunate but unavoidable. So, we will talk about how you can browser Aniwatch even if the site is not there anymore, and we will also talk about some of its alternatives. 

What Happened To Aniwatch?

AniWatch Pro was officially pulled offline on 28th February 2021. The website owners announced that it had reached its limits and could no longer provide this service. The first tweets from disgruntled fans began to spread on social media on the same night because anime fans could not believe that their favorite anime streaming site was not there anymore. 

The Aniwatch crew posted a long letter on the site’s homepage before it was officially taken offline. AniWatch com had been struggling to keep up with global demand for the site, according to their statement. In that letter, the authoritative personnel mentioned that money trouble and server failures were the primary reasons they had to take the site offline. 

Will Aniwatch Ever Return?

While nothing has been confirmed, there is a possibility that Aniwatch will make a comeback in the future. Aniwatch’s shutdown is not a definite decision, according to the statement of the Aniwatch crew. However, it implies that the platform might reappear in the future. 

The letter states that the Anistream staff needs some time to work things out. Then, it can either refer to how to fund such a platform or how to eliminate server errors. Following the announcement that Aniwatch had been taken offline, fans expressed their concern on social media about phishing websites seeking to recruit people by using the ‘Aniwatch brand.’ 

Aniwatch’s official statement closed with a critical reminder for anybody looking for the site in the future. It means the site may return in the future, but nothing of that sort is confirmed yet officially. 

How To Watch Aniwatch Even When It Is Blocked?

The website has been deactivated. The Twitter handle of @aniwatchme made an official statement indicating that people attempting to access the website are not indeed prohibited. Owners of the famous anime ‘Attack on Titan’ have nuked several of their locations, causing problems with the website’s firewall. 

As you know, Anistreamers loved AniWatch’s high-quality anime library, which is available without wading through a sea of advertisements. Even giving free content violates some anime series’ privacy restrictions. That’s why AniWatch.me download option is unavailable now.

As a result, the proprietors of the famous anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ have nuked several of their server sites because Aniwatch was giving out free AoT content. However, if you want to know how to watch Aniwatch even when it’s blocked, you should probably check out this site: t.co

Alternatives To Aniwatch

You may have already guessed that to access the earlier-mentioned site, you have to have an account in discord. So, for those of you who don’t want to open a new discord account but want to stream anime movies for free, here are some alternatives for you.

1. AnimeOwl

AnimeOwl is the finest website for free anime streaming, anime subtitled, anime dubbed, anime on Android, and anime in high definition. There is no pop-up advertising here to waste your time as you watch the movie. You can even save your progress for watching the movie later. They have a massive library where all possible genres of anime are available.

2. AnimeCrew

Animecrew is also a popular alternative to Aniwatch where you can watch all anime movies for free. All the anime hits like Attack on Titan, One Piece, and Naruto are fast-tracked from Japan directly, so the visual quality is outstanding. Apart from watching anime, you can even purchase anime action figures from this site, so that’s a plus, right??

3. AnimeDaisuki

Anime Daisuki

AnimeDaisuki provides fans with access to the most recent Japanese anime series in high definition. In addition, it is one of the quickest anime streaming and downloading sites since new series are added one hour after they premiere in Japan. It even has a low amount of ads compared to other websites, which helps you watch the series with almost no buffering.

4: 9Anime

On this site, you can get everything from old animes to new hits. It is absolutely free, and it is available in all the major nations where people watch anime. It even has strong coverage of the current anime shows, which helps users stay updated with their latest favorites. This Aniwatch alternative even has a large collection of English dubbed anime and anime with subtitles.

5: Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has an expansive anime library, and all the tiers support HD streaming. Apart from broadcasting the worldwide favorite anime movies, this website is also the home to manga and apparel stores. It is available in 180+ countries, so you can imagine how many people love this site. There are some original anime series available on this site as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

1: What Can I Use Instead Of Aniwatch?

Ans: There are plenty of websites that you can avail yourself instead of Aniwatch. For example, AnimeCrew, AnimeOwl, AnimeDaisuki, 9Anime, Crunchyroll, and many other sites are there where you can stream your favorite anime movies or TV series without paying a single penny.

2: Why Is Aniwatch Blocking?

Ans: Aniwatch could not pay their financial dues, and they could not even clear out their server errors. Even while the site was not officially taken offline, some people in some countries were complaining about its spam content. When several users were trying to watch the last episode of AoT, the site started displaying errors, and it has existed to date. 

3: What Is Simply A Weeb?

Ans: Simply A Weeb is a popular anime streaming website which is also acted as a popular source for anime fans since AniWatch on Roku became unavailable. You can even see your favorite tubers, read manga comics, and browse through an ocean of anime memes. 

4. Does Aniwatch.me advertise?

Ans: This website is a self-proclaimed best source of high-definition anime seasonal watch series. Theses movies come entirely comes up without charge and free from ads.

Signing Off

The AniWatch.me app was once our home, but since it has vanished, and according to the AniWatch crew, it does not appear to be returning anytime soon. Isn’t it a big headache when our favorite website is unavailable? Given the thousands of streaming sites that claim to be legitimate and trustworthy to examine, finding an alternative might take an eternity. So, as a previous Aniwatcher, if you have any further queries, you can share them in the comment box below.

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