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Tata Tigor Ev Specifications – Price, Mileage, Charging And Battery Capacity

by Shahnawaz Alam
Tata Tigor EV

When looking for an affordable electric vehicle under 15 lakh, you will find a limited number of recommendations. However, after going through all of those specifications and judging the price, you will find that something is lacking in terms of your price.

Either you are not satisfied with the performance or the price is too high for what you are getting. But, when you look at the Tata Tigor EV, most of your questions are answered.

Tata combines quality, comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness in the latest Tata Tigor EV. If you are looking for a vehicle for a small family ride, then the Tigor EV offers you a good solution for a minimum price compared to other cars like Tata Nexon EV, and others 

The car has a decent electric range, around 220 km upon a full charge. Also, the car takes around 80 minutes to get fully charged. In this article, I have made this short review of the Tata Tigor electric car so that you get to know all of its important features before buying it.

Tata Tigor EV Features

Tata Tigor EV Features

Their latest Tigor is an all-electric sedan with an automatic transmission electric engine. The battery is a 26kw li-ion battery. The engine can generate a power of 73. 75bhp. Tigor produces 73.75 bhp power and 170nm torque.  

The car can run up to a range of 306 km, according to the company’s claim. Moreover, Tigor is quite fast for its price and specific segment; it only takes 5.7 seconds for the Tigor to reach a speed limit of 60 kmph. Here is a brief list of Tigor EV.

Engine Electric engine 
Cylinders 3 cylinders 
TransmissionAutomatic transmission
Total Seats 5 seats
Range (City/Highway)306 kms
Torque 170 nm
Horse Power26 kwh 
SafetyAirbags for driver and passengers, crash sensors,

and anti-lock the braking system, child safety

locks, and seat belts
Warranty 8 years warranty

Tata Tigor EV Range

Tata Tigor EV Range

The tata tigor EV is not a gas-based vehicle, and there is no combined MPG. But the all-electric range of this car is 306 according to the claim of Tata. At this price, the content is impressive. Tigor is an exceptional car in terms of fuel economy

Tata Tigor EV Price 

The general price for the Tata EV is ₹ 12 49 000. But based on different model variants, the price of the car may change. Here is the list of tata tigor EV prices –

Variant Ex-Showroom Price 
Tata Tigor EV 2021 XE11 lakhs 
Tata Tigor EV 2021 XM Plus 12.49 lakhs
Tata Tigor EV 2021XZ Plus 12.99 lakhs
Tata Tigor EV 2021 XZ Plus Dual Tone 13.14 lakhs

The on-road price may vary from state to state when you buy a car. 

Tata Tigor EV Pros And Cons

Tata Tigor EV Pros And Cons 

Before you buy any car, it is mandatory to check the pros and cons of those cars. The Tigor EV is good in terms of fuel economy compared to most electric cars in India. However, there are some downgrades. Here are some pros and cons of this car–


  • Tigor is an affordable EV. 
  • The car has compact size and is good for city rides. 
  • Tata claims the range of this car to be around 306 km. 
  • It has a realistic range of around 170 to 220 km upon a full charge. 
  • Only 65 minutes are enough for the car to get charged up to 80%.
  • Tigor EV is a comfortable ride. 
  • There are only five seats with a spacious cabin for passengers. 


  • There is a lack of charging infrastructure. 
  • It is not overpriced, but there needs to be a variant below 10 lakhs.    
  • The spare wheel is placed in the boot, reducing the space inside. 
  • Interior quality is not up to the mark according to the price of this car. For a price above ten lakhs, the quality of the interior is not that good. 
  • There is no battery percentage/ or range indication that could help accurately measure this car’s performance

Frequently Asked Questions:-

If you are looking for the best car under 15 lakh, the tata tigor electric car is considerable. Here are some frequently asked questions and answered about this car–

Q1. Is It Worth Buying A Tigor Ev? 

Ans: If you are looking for the best tata car under 12 lakhs, the Tigor is a good option. The car has good mileage, offers a comfortable ride, and comes at a cost-effective price. So if you are wondering if it is worth buying the new Tata tigor, you can rest assured.

Q2. Is Tata Tigor Ev Discontinued? 

Ans: Yes, Tata has stopped the production of the Tigor EV. However, you can still buy Tata Nexon if you are looking for a made-in-India electric vehicle. The car is priced at 12 lakhs; it is not a bad option under this price range.

Q3. Is Tata Tigor A Failure? 

Ans: Although most of the features of the tata tigor are attractive, it still failed to attract buyers. The reason can be a lack of quality materials in the interior, or it can be the car’s performance. Following its market failure, tata stopped producing this new electric vehicle.

Q4. Is Tata Tigor Good For Long Drives?

Ans: You won’t have any problem if you take your tata tigor on long drives. Of course, you can take a gas-engine car, but an EV is better when covering the range through one single charge. Tata tigor offers an extended range of 306 km, so you won’t have any problems if you go on a long drive.


The tata tigor EV is a good sedan for a small and compact electric vehicle. Although it comes at an affordable price, it may seem a little overpriced given some of the cons discussed above. However, it is overall a good car in the price range. If your budget is around 12 to 15 lakhs, you can surely consider this option. Moreover, compared to several other cars in the price range, Tata Tigor is much more reliable. 

I hope this article was informative enough to help you know about the all-new tata tigor. Please let us know what part of this car you like and what stops you from recommending this car to anybody else.

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