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Hyundai Kona Electric Review – Should You Buy It In 2022?

by Debamalya Mukherjee
Hyundai Kona electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric is the electrified version of the original fuel-based Kona, a great car in its own right that many car owners still use.

First released in 2019, this car made headlines with its sleek design, great performance, and comfy interiors. Since its release, it has been updated many times, with its 2022 version being the best version of all.

But is this car a great buy for you in 2022? Read on till the end to find out!

Hyundai Kona Electric Specifications

The main specifications of the Hyundai Kona Electric as listed below are:

DimensionsLength; 4180mmHeight: 1570cmWidth: 1800mmWheelbase: 2600mm
MotorEngine: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)Power: 100kwTorque: 395Nm
BatteryType: Lithium-ion PolymerCapacity: 40kWhAC Charging Speed: Approximately 6 hoursDC Charging Speed: Approximately 1-hour
TransmissionSingle Speed Reduction Gear
SuspensionMcPherson Strut Type Front Suspension with Multi-Link Rear Suspension
BrakesDisc Brakes
TyreAlloy Wheel Tyres with 437mm diameter

Why Should You Buy Hyundai Kona Electric In 2022?

Why Should You Buy Hyundai Kona Electric In 2022

Some of the main benefits why you should know the Hyundai Kona Electric price in 2022 are:

1. Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the Hyundai Kona Electric has made no compromises. 

This car comes equipped with an Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). Therefore, this makes your brakes smoother and react faster to your response.

In terms of lighting, this car has an auto-dimming rearview mirror and automatic headlamps that light up automatically when dark. They light up automatically based on the sensors placed on the car that can measure sunlight intensity. 

All these features are further supported by an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill Assist. These features make traversal easier by adjusting the car’s stability when going up and down uneven hill roads. In addition, you can drive this car smoothly on rougher roads thanks to its 

The car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System allows you to see the pump of tires so that you know when it’s time to pump them up. For safety, the cart also has six airbags and a Child Seat Mount (ISOFIX).

2. Level Of Comfort

The Hyundai Kona Electric provides amazing comfort levels. This can be justified by including adjustable steering wheels and a cruise control mode. Along with all seats being adjustable, you can ride in style and customize your comfort level as a driver.

The display of the car is one of its best features. It digitally provides key information, like the fuel gauge and the distance left until you run out of charge. 

Another great feature of this car is its support for Smart Key Keyless Entry. Here, the car will simply turn on by scanning your fingerprint when you touch the handle of the driver’s seat. In addition, to make driving easier, it has a start-stop button to rev up your engine quickly. 

The digital display of the car has a multifunction display. It shows other vital information like a digital odometer, speedometer, tachometer, paddle shifts, etc. 

3. Electric Transmission

When it comes to the transmission of power, the car has a Single Speed Reduction Gear. This system allows for automatic power transmission to the wheels so that effort is not required. 

Being an electronic vehicle, it has a front-wheel-drive configuration (FWD) like the Tata Nexon EV and the Tata Tigor EV. This saves a lot of battery power since it allows you to get the car moving by using the momentum of the front wheels only.

4. Interior Design

The Hyundai Kona Electric is a five-seater car, with all the seats being adjustable. Hyundai has made sure that the driver and the passengers in the car are always sitting comfortably. The heated and cooled seats help by automatically adjusting the temperature of the seats according to the climate outside. 

The matte gray and black interior colors make the car look luxurious and “electrifying” because of its coolness factor. Whenever you or anyone enters the car due to how professional everything looks. 

The 10.3-inch touchscreen display inside the car can connect to many devices. You can connect your android smartphone or your iPhone directly to the car with Bluetooth connectivity. The car supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which allows you to receive calls and check Google Maps. 

The eight-speaker Infinity Audio System is more than enough when it comes to partying and music. With great bass and the perfect amount of treble, you can listen to hip hop and pop songs with many bass beats. Turning up the volume will also let you feel the bass in your seats, signifying its intensity. 

5. Exterior Design

The Hyundai Kona Electric comes in three colors – phantom black, polar white, and typhoon silver. 

The front of the car is its highlight when it comes to looks. The front grills of the car look amazing because the striped front bumper partially covers it. This gives the car a modern look that you will definitely like.

The doors also have different edges compared to most cars, which greatly enhances their looks. However, the coolest thing about this car is the front bumper that you can open to reveal the charging point. This is on the side of the front grills inside the car bumper.

When it comes to dimensions, the car measures:

  • Length; 4180mm
  • Height: 1570cm
  • Width: 1800mm
  • Wheelbase: 2600mm

6. On-Road Performance

When it comes to performance, the Hyundai Kona EV delivers on most aspects when it comes to performance. 

The 201 HP electric motor is powerful enough to gallop the car from 0mph to 60mph in just 6.4 seconds. This power is enough to cruise through long drives and highways, supported by floor-mounted batteries. 

When it comes to driving distance, we drive the car for 160 miles with a rating of 85 mpge. These numbers are great for an EV in 2022, closely edging past competitors MG ZS EV and the  Nissan Leaf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

Q1. Is Hyundai Kona Electric Worth Buying?

Ans: The Hyundai Kona Electric is a great EV to buy in 2022. It has amazing looks and great performance it provides in its price segment.

Q2. How Much Will Hyundai Kona Electric Cost?

Ans: The Hyundai Kona Electric price in India and abroad starts at:
USA: $35,000
UK: 30,000 Pounds
India: Rs. 25 Lakhs

Q3. How Many Miles Does A Hyundai Kona Electric Last? 

Ans: The Hyundai Kona Electric mileage can run for approximately 250 miles per charge as per what’s specified by Hyundai.
However, it runs for anywhere between 160 miles to 190 miles per charge.

Q4. Does The Hyundai Kona Have Any Problems? 

Ans: The main complaints about this car that many users have faced so far include weak batteries that fail after months of use and engine damage caused due to leakage on piston rings.

Verdict – Buy Or Not To Buy?

The Hyundai Kona Electric still remains one of the best budget EVs. Sporting sleep looks, great colors, and a modern front look, you will get impressed just by looking at it. 

Entering the car, you will be impressed by its interior design, all the way from its temperature-changing seats to its 10.3-inch smart touchscreen display. 

It provides excellent performance with a fast pickup from 0mph to 60mph in under 5 seconds. This power beats most other competitors in its price range.

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