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Tips to Become A Successful Business Woman

by Mashum Mollah
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How to become a successful business woman? Firstly, I would say to come out of the mindset that women can’t make it as big as men. You should also come out of the philosophy that a woman must work twice as hard as a man to earn the same status. I mean, it’s true, but don’t you think enough time has passed to mourn over these hardcore facts? 

It’s time to show the world we can make it big on our own without complaining about how much we worked for it. When I was looking for the most authentic tips to become a successful business woman, I could not find many articles. So, I decided to interview the top business ladies of the world and collect tips from them first hand.

Tips To Become A Succesful Business Woman

Before we get started on the tips to become a successful business woman, let’s familiarize you with a few statistics. In the U.S. alone, more than 39% of small companies are owned by females. In fact, these business entities have annual revenue of $1.7 trillion, so you can see that business women are not lagging behind businessmen. Let’s find the tips to become a successful business woman now;

1: Be Part Of A Community With Like-Minded Women

Like-Minded Women

If you are planning to become a business woman, you have to do everything alone. From accounting to marketing, from finding investors to acquiring customers-everything will be your sole responsibility.

So, it’s better to be part of a community with like-minded women because, in that way, you may get help from some of them and help them in return. There are plenty of women who have the skills that you need right now. 

When you look at the successful business women images, you only see the result. You don’t figure out the labor and hard work they put in to reach that place. So, if you dream of seeing yourself in their positions someday, build a network from scratch. 

2: Have Clear Goals

Clear Goals

To become a successful business woman, you have to have clear goals. You can’t simply look at a business woman photoshoot and aspire to be like them. Your business must generate cash flow, it must develop visibility, and it must create opportunities.

If you make these three goals clear before setting up a business idea, you are on the line to become a business woman. If a family is essential to you, you should also be mindful of that. Juggle your work life and personal life carefully so that none of them feels neglected.

Also, make sure that your business goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. If you have these S.M.A.R.T goals, only then your business idea will be a feasible one, and you’ll have no difficulty in finding investors.

3: Have Multiple Options For Funding

Multiple Funding Options

If you are even on the path of becoming a businesswoman, you must know how necessary funding is for a new venture. A businesswoman photo does not reveal these backstories, but spending an interview session with them indeed does.

You must always have more than one funding option to rely on one when the other option does not work. There’s a saying in investment: you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Even the business simulation games will teach you the same thing.

So, make sure you follow this tip and have multiple funding options. If none of your funding sources seem to work, you can always source money from crowdfunding. However, that may be time-consuming, but it comes with zero risk. 

4: Do Research On Your Competitors

Research On Your Competitors

Many business women try to start an online business nowadays because it is much easier to set up a business in the digital domain than a physical brick-and-mortar store. But, there are challenges for businesses going online too, so research them rigorously before making a decision.

There are competitors in every business sector, so make sure you conduct thorough research on them. Taking cues from other business leaders can help you increase your revenue. If your competitors are doing better, learn from them; if not, learn from them too.

If you adore the picture of a businesswoman, you can take ideas from her too. But, of course, everyone is your competitor, so research them thoroughly and find a business model that is ideal for you.

5: Focus On Progress Instead Of Perfection

A businesswoman’s portrait won’t reveal to you how much she struggled to reach the place where she is now. It won’t show you the multiple failures she encountered to reach her business to its peak.

That’s why, when you witness a few setbacks on the way, don’t be disheartened. Instead, focus on the progress you have made so far. Don’t strive for perfection because you’ll probably lose the zeal to grow if you accomplish that.

So, focus on your progress, and even if you fail, learn from those mistakes. In that way, you will be a successful mentor, too, besides a successful businesswoman. So, ‘have patience, and keep going’-make this is your mantra in this journey.

Let’s Look At Some Examples Of Succesful Business Woman

A corporate woman looks sexy and attractive, but their exterior does not reveal the struggle they undergo every day to reach their position today. So, let’s take a look at such businesswomen and get inspired;

Kelly Loftus

Kelly Loftus is the perfect businesswoman image that you should look up to. She is the owner of a Connecticut-based fitness studio ‘Fit Impressions.’ What sets Kelly apart from other fitness studios is that she assesses every client’s individual personality and makes an exercise plan for them.

It may not be owned by a business entity, but Kelly said that during the Covid lockdown in 2019-20, she found more clients than ever. So, take inspiration from this beautiful businesswoman, and launch your business today.

Falicia Newsome

The image of a businesswoman had never looked so ideal before we found out about Falicia Newsome. She is the founder of Newsome Notary, which is a licensed tax firm with 500+ clients. Working from the age of 13, she is the true example of a successful female entrepreneur.

You may be surprised to know that Falicia started her career as a signing agent, but being a math wiz helped her. She quickly used her skills to open a business on tax preparation, and now she assists hundreds of clients to be more tax-compliant.

Birgit Barkhoff

She is not only a successful white businesswoman but rather a super mom, and a devoted wife. In fact, her journey as a businesswoman began much later because she used to work in the back office where her husband used to work to support him.

However, when she discovered her passion for the arts, it helped her become much more independent. Today, her paintings are exhibited worldwide, including in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. She aims to inspire other like-minded women with her paintings.

Rebecca Featherstone

The list of businesswoman images will be incomplete if we don’t include the owner of the famous Musicology app. When she noticed something missing in the music industry, she quickly developed an app exclusively for music teachers.

Her innovative thinking and patience made her an icon in the children’s online education industry because her app is completely kids-friendly. It was the first video conferencing application launched in the music industry, which gained popularity soon enough.

Jennifer Grigg

If you are an introvert who has always struggled with communicating with people, Jane Grigg is the perfect example of a successful businesswoman for you. Her journey is worth knowing, from hiding behind the departmental store aisle to being a successful body language expert.

When she used to get promoted in a business, she used to get scared and quit those jobs. But, once she started studying body language, it changed her life and gave her the idea of a million-dollar business

Wrap Up

We have shared here the most essential tips to become a successful businesswoman in the 21st century. We even have some professional businesswoman images here to draw inspiration from them as you read their stories. So, if you want to know more about these business ladies or something else, please ask us in the comment section below.

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