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How To Use Amazon Hub Counter And Locker In 2023?  

by Priyanshu Mishra
How To Use Amazon Hub Counter And Locker In 2023

Amazon Hub Counter is a fantastic platform for you to get a chance to partner up with Amazon. With the help of this locker service by Amazon, you will get to store various goods of yours in lockers and have customers directly pick them up from these counters.

To learn more about this locker and counter service provided by Amazon, keep on reading this post till the end. You will learn how your business can use it, along with its eligibility criteria.

What Is Amazon Hub Counter?  

What Is Amazon Hub Counter

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Any business with a physical location may provide fast and convenient package pickup and returns to Amazon customers with the aid of the Amazon Hub program, possibly increasing foot traffic and income.

Just at a countertop located in an Amazon Hub Counter, customers can pick up and drop off products. As a consequence, you have opportunities to interact both with new and previous customers and demonstrate the benefits of your store.

Deliveries from Amazon are made to the Amazon Hub Counter every day. As packages are delivered, they are scanned, and an email notifying the customer that their item is ready for collection is then sent to them.

Whenever the customer comes to grab their package, they must present the shop personnel with the collection code (a 6-coded number) they received via email.

Types Of Amazon Hub Lockers  

There are various types of Amazon Hub Lockers that this company has proceeded to customers. The two most used ones are:

1. Amazon Hub Locker  

Amazon Hub Locker

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You may pick up your packages for free using the fully automated, secure, and valuable Amazon Hub Locker service. On Amazon, countless items can be shipped to a locker.

When placing a transaction on Amazon, customers proceed to the booking process and select an Amazon Hub Locker in their postal code as the delivery destination. Using a Locker is easy and secure.

When an item is ready for pickup, a customer receives an email with barcodes and a unique 6-digit code that they may are using to retrieve it from the designated slot.

2. Amazon Apartment Locker  

Amazon Apartment Locker

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Amazon Hub Apartment Locker gives property managers convenient, contact-free package management solutions. Residents may use it to start picking up Amazon deliveries and those done with other retailers. In many residential locations around the nation, flat lockers are already available.

Eligibility Requirements For Amazon Hub Counter  

Only some companies are permitted to utilize the Amazon Hub Counter. Here are some guidelines to follow if you wish to be part of this too:

  1. Every item will be sold or delivered by Amazon.com.
  2. Items must be larger than 3” (height) x 24 (length) x 24 (width) or weigh more than 33 pounds. Be aware that only certain partner companies have stricter limitations.
  3. The order does not contain any items that require special handling.
  4. Nothing from Subscription & Save is included in the order.
  5. The order does not contain any items for Release-Date Delivery.
  6. Be available in under a day for delivery. (Look for a message that says something like this for things that deliver in 24 hours “Do you require this today or tomorrow? Place your order within the next thirty min “on the item’s description page.)

Price Of Amazon Hub Counter  

Joining our international Amazon Hub network is free. Lockers are manufactured, delivered, installed, and maintained by Amazon. This allows you to focus on what you’re good at – caring for any new customers that enter your business.

How To Use Amazon Hub Counter And Locker?  

How To Use Amazon Hub Counter And Locker

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There are two ways to use your Amazon Hub Counter lockers to retrieve your goods. These two methods are explained below:

1. Lockers That Require Pickup Codes  

Here are the procedures you must do if you’ve got an Amazon Hub Locker that requires a pickup code to access:

  1. Go to the locker room.
  2. You can discover your 6-digit collection code and barcode in your shipment confirmation code.
  3. Enter your pickup code on the touchscreen interface or scan the barcode with the locker scanner. The scanner is located just below the Locker’s touch screen.

2. Lockers That Require Verification Through Your Smartphone  

These are the actions you must take if your Amazon Hub Locker requires smartphone authentication to access:

  1. Go to the locker room.
  2. Click the Start Pickup button in the email you received with the delivery confirmation. The Locker detail page on the Amazon E-commerce App will be displayed to you.
  3. Wait a few moments after the Locker information page appears before you attempt to connect to the Locker using the app.
  4. When linked, you may press the Open Lock button in the app to access the Locker.

Why Should I Use Amazon Hub Counter?  

Why Should I Use Amazon Hub Counter

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There are several reasons why using Amazon Hub Counter might benefit your company.

1. Increase Client Satisfaction  

Modern shoppers anticipate a seamless purchasing process both on and off the internet. By making it simple for consumers to obtain their online purchases from your business and by giving them an additional choice, you demonstrate the kind of service that fosters loyalty.

2. Boost Your Profits  

Boost customer traffic and advertising to improve revenue creation opportunities. Customers that come to your business to pick up things from the Amazon Hub will find it very convenient to purchase your goods simultaneously.

3. Increase Brand Awareness  

Maintain your competitive edge and adapt to changing customer needs. Thousands of Amazon.com use Amazon Hub locations for pickup, giving your business a vital opportunity to be found.


Every smaller and newer business must provide its customers with convenient product pickup services. Therefore, Amazon has allowed new companies to set up shop using Amazon Hub Counter.

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