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How to Get Your Product in Stores

by Mashum Mollah
How to Get Your Product in Stores

Most entrepreneurs dream of a day when they can find their products in the stores. However, the process of learning how to get your product in stores can be very challenging. The most important thing is to realize the fruits of your hard work. 

To understand how to get your product in stores, it is good to talk to the people who have been through this journey. You have to successfully convenience various stores to stock your products. Here are some of the tips on how to get your product in stores.

How To Get Your Product in Stores: Hit the Good-Fit Stores Really Hard

Most business owners dream of the day they will land a coveted spot on the shelves of a retail store. However, how will you get your product in stores from selling them out of your car? Remember you expect your items to be featured at a huge box retailer. 

The first step that you need to take is identifying the right store. Be specific with the places where your product will perform well and follow after such brands. 

For instance, you could be selling a male product that will not succeed at just any retailer. Narrowing your search will help you to hit those stores that will be a great fit. 

Attending a trade show may put you in front of the retailers. You can use this opportunity to talk to retailers and then seal the deal. The right choices here will help you to learn how to get your product in stores. 

Online Sales History

Getting your product into a retail store is more challenging nowadays. One reason could be the high level of demise in retail businesses as a result of the pandemic

The chains that are surviving are reducing the number of active vendors. Therefore, the first thing that you need to focus on is how you can develop a substantial online business. 

An impressive online sales history will make your brand more compelling to buyers. You will get much from large chains that carry your product line. It is a great secret on how to get your product in stores. 

Establish the Distribution Relationships

Establishing relationships with distributors is easier said than done. You need to own multiple distribution relationships with stores. It is among the best paths of achieving distribution at scale to attain the mission that drives your organization. 

The path of acquiring distributors may appear like a long distant pipe dream for most entrepreneurs. The most important thing is for your company to establish long term relations with the companies that own the distribution.  

The acquisition path is worth pursuing most of the time. It implies that your company can realize its overall mission. You cannot overlook this step and expect to learn how to get your product in stores. 

Second Degree Connections 

Even if you do business in a small town, the best way to find a job is connecting with people and networking. There is so much that you stand to benefit from these connections. It is a place that you can even find a babysitter, non-profit groups, recommendations or even a date and so on. 

There is a big correlation between businesses that know each other and success. You can open the door for great partnerships in business by offering low cost services or product samples. 

Begin with a self-introduction and then hand out business cards. Check whether there are any ways that you can support these brands. 

Nail Your Branding

Getting your product message on point is critical in getting recognized before hosting any retail buyer meetings. Grow your brand both offline and online through the media channels. 

However, make sure you are choosing media channels that resonate with the audience of your product. Get the product on the map before getting the product to the store. 

Start Local and Then Network

Speak with business owners and then create a demand for your product within your community. Look for ways of encouraging your clients to ask for the product. 

Most entrepreneurs utilize the farmers markets and many more to create a loyal and local customer base. These are some of the instruments that you will use to also push your projects. 

Earn Endorsements

Earning endorsements will help you to make the best case for a product. It is a perfect answer for how to get your product in stores. 

Doing personal follow ups and sampling small business owners will help you earn your way on the product mix. However, be keen to sample carefully to get an excellent fit for the vibe of the store and current inventory. 

It is harder to sell some products than the others. The secret is getting the best strategy on how to get your product to the stores. Everything narrows down to the kind of products that you are dealing with. 

Trade Shows

The best way forward is attending an appropriate trade show as an exhibitor. Even though it is currently hard to do this all over the world, you can still get an opportunity through virtual trade shows. The most important thing here is to connect with potential product distributors and buyers. 

Trade shows are the largest sources that help buyers to discover new products and build relationships. Therefore, it is an avenue that you really need to explore if you are serious at learning how to get your product in stores. 

Pitch on LinkedIn or In Person

This is the best piece of advice on how to get your product in stores. Therefore, it is wise to get a pitch either on LinkedIn or in person. It is a great way on how to get your product in stores. 

LinkedIn is a great platform for accessing key decision makers. It helps you to avoid the hassles of having to go through several layers of corporate bureaucracy. 


These are the main tips on how to get your product in stores. If you manage to do so successfully, you will be able to grow your brand within no time. Most entrepreneurs are struggling with this issue but the truth of the matter is that it is not as hard as you may think. 

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