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The Soothing Mint Green: Add This Color To Your Life

by Ankita Tripathy
The Soothing Mint Green Add This Color To Your Life

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Mint green is the new favorite of mine. 

And I know many of you are also falling in love with it. 


How will you incorporate it into your life? 

Well, there are a lot of ways to do so. Firstly you can redesign your interior and stack some latest design clothes in your wardrobe. If you are hesitating about how and exactly what you need to do, here I am to assist you. 

Keep reading this article to know more. 

Mint Green: The Shade Type

Combine blue and green with a little tinge of white. 

Tadah! You will get the heavenly green mint color. On the basis of the proportion of each color, the intensity varies. In HEX color, the light mint green is called #4FFFB0. On the other hand, dark mint green is coded as RAL 6029 in the RAL. 

Sometimes, the soothing mint green color is confused with other colors. Really delicate shades of aquamarine and celadon are the most common ones that are being confused with minty green. Also, the bright color green-cyan looks a lot similar to mint green. 

The difference is really small between a mint green and these colors. Often, the difference depends on the temperature, brightness, and saturation as well.  

Yes, the classic mint looks really exotic. However, other variants have gained much popularity these days. Such as, neo-mint is actually in the trend and has become the most popular shade of mint. This pastel min color is too delicate and looks great for mint green aesthetics and interior home designs. 

Home Interiors: What Goes With Mint Green

Home Interiors What Goes With Mint Green
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Thank GOD! 

This particular color has high diversity, and that is why you can use them several ways and also think about combining various shades. This will automatically be decided on the result you want to achieve and the major style of your interior. 

In case you want to go for the Boho-style interiors, you can think of combining the pastel variant of mint with gray, white, beige, or ecru. If you are brave enough, you also can combine the dusky pink color with a neo-mint hue. 

If you are looking for something refreshing like mint, you can choose the mint green colored decorations and accessories only. Also, for a glamorous look adding golden or silver accessories will work great. Keeping some space for elegant and glass upholstered furniture will offer an aristocracy. 

Mint Green Wall Color

Mint Green Wall Color
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You might be thinking that having mint green walls will be a little more, but trust me, this will look interesting and elegant at the same time. Along with the style of the room, the size of the interior also plays a huge role here. 

For limited space, light mint green will go excellent. You can paint your nursery or bedroom with this shade. 

An Idea For Minty Green: Mint Color With Gray

An Idea For Minty Green Mint Color With Gray
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For your living room also, mint green will bring a specific legacy when combined well with other shades. Here, I would suggest you go with the most popular combination of Mint green and gray. But this is obviously not the only option. Some more options are as follows. 

  • For original interiors, pick gray decorations and furniture with minty walls. 
  • When you want to be a little enlivening but, at the same time, do not want to pop it up into the eyes, you can paint a single wall with mint green and then add some delicate decorations, like the white-gray picture, in order to tone it down. 
  • A lot of people opt for gray for their living room. But now, it looks boring! Do not worry; you can make the space look interesting by just adding some mint green furniture. 

When you are thinking about adding some elegance and class to the interior, you can always complement the mint green and gray colors with some exotic golden decorations. This will give your room a more stylish look. 

A Mint Green Bedroom

A Mint Green Bedroom
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Our bedrooms should always be calming and relaxing. That is why you need to keep it in moderation while designing the interior. Here, the typical minty green walls are not the best options. However, you can paste this color on a single wall of your room. 

Bedrooms are not only about walls; there are various accessories that you can choose when you are picking mint green for your bedroom. 

  • Carpets. 
  • Blankets.
  • Bed linens. 
  • Bedspreads.
  • Pillows.
  • Pictures.
  • Lamps. 

Now, in case you want to add a wingchair to your relaxing bedroom, you can always pick a variant of mint green to make it the central point of the interior. 

Modern Kitchen With The Color Mint 

Modern Kitchen With The Color Mint
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Well, you have sorted both the bedroom and living room. Now it is time to add some mint to your kitchen. Maybe you have always been dreaming of a colorful kitchen, but at the same time, you are too afraid to try this bold idea. 

In this case, let me tell you one thing, the mint color in the kitchen is one of the tops of this season. Apart from your kitchen walls, you can pick this color for appliances and furniture as well. 

Have you always been dreaming of having a retro kitchen?

Then, ming green is your kitchen color. Remember those certain electronic devices that came with a green hue? They were crazy at that time. So, you can opt for various mint green appliances. 

  • Electric kettle. 
  • Coffee machines. 
  • Refrigerator. 
  • Food processors. 
  • Toasters. 
  • Stovetops. 

Here you also can make a bolder look and choose some mint green furniture for your kitchen. Yeah, I know it is pretty difficult to get these types of furniture. But in case you do not find any finished products, you can always customize them. 

The perk of having customized pieces is that no one will have the same piece as yours, which will give you some added things to flaunt and showcase. 

Now Come To The Fashion Part

Well, when we talk about any particular color, it has to be in the fashion street or in the interior area. I have already guided you on utilizing the amazing mint green color in your home interiors. 

Now, it is time to check how you can put on your recent favorite with your style. 

Mint Green Heels: Walk-In Style

Mint Green Heels Walk-In Style
Image Source

Well, those red, black, and white heels might be evergreen, but mint green is the new that has got a green signal from fashion divas. Mint green, along with its other shades, is too much in trend now. 

You can kill in a green look with a complete mint green look, just like Kate Middleton. Just walk in with the bright pair of heels and become the favorite of the crowd. 

Mint Green Suit: Slay Out The Crowd

Mint Green Suit Slay Out The Crowd
Image Source

Those black, brown, and white suits might look classy, but they are not at all your only options. You have many more colors. The pastel colors are pretty much in the trends of suits as well. 

Yes, you might not get a mint green suit easily, but again, you can customize them. 

Yes, it might take more time and money, but the look you will get and the eyes you will attract will always be worth the money, effort, and time you have invested. 

Mint Green Hoodie: Winter Is On Its Way

Mint Green Hoodie Winter Is On Its Way
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The winter is almost here. Yeah, it is fall, to be exact, but there is not much time left to stack your hoodie section. 

We all know pastel colors are too much in the fashion trends now. Then why not get a mint green hoodie? You can either get solid mint green hoodies, or you can go for some graphic ones with this base color. 

I don’t think you want to know how you can style it. You know what you need to do. Style it the way you feel comfortable or like it. 

Mint Green Hair: Try Once

Mint Green Hair Try Once
Image Source

Last but not least. 

Are you thinking about coloring your hair?

Why don’t you consider highlighting it with a cool minty hue? I am sure you will rock the look with this amazing and uncommon hair color that I bet not any of your friends have. Or else you can bag your best friend with you and also make her do the same color or a different shade. 

You can take inspiration from Kylie Jenner.  

To Conclude

So, now you know where you need to incorporate your new favorite mint green color. You can always redesign your interior with different shades of mint greens. Also, you obviously can add some style quotients with minty green.

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