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MG ZS EV Review – Is This The Electric Car You Were Waiting For?

by Debamalya Mukherjee

MG is a brand that is well known for its premium sports cars that look slick and drive fast. However, after its takeover by a Chinese company, it started producing more family-friendly vehicles, like the MG ZS EV.

In this article, I will review some of the main (and some hidden) aspects of this electric car. After riding this vehicle for free days, I have a good grip on what is good and not.

Read till the end to know whether this car is worth a buy or not in 2022.

MG ZS EV Specifications

The most noteworthy MG ZS EV specs in a glance are:

Dimensions:LengthWidthHeightBoot Space
4,314mm2,048mm1,644mm470 liters and 1100 liters
Motor154bhp electric motor
Battery72kWh Lithium-ion battery
Range270 miles
Charging Time: Home (7kw)Fast Charging (50kw)Fast Charging (100kw)
10.5 hours1-hour42 minutes
Top Speed170kmph
Price: USAUKIndia
$46,000 – $50,000£29,000 – £34,000₹ 22.00 Lakh – ₹ 26 Lakh
Warranty7 years with 80,000 miles

MG ZS EV Review

MG ZS EV Review

After driving the MG ZS EV for a few days, I note down every major detail of the car, along with what’s good and bad in it. Therefore, if you are planning to buy this car and want to know the experience of another, then continue reading.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

When you look at the car from the outside, you will not find it compelling at all. This is because it looks exactly the same as the older fuel-based MG ZS model. Only the engines have been swapped out for an electric battery, with slight flourishes here and there.

The car looks bulky, even compared to other SUVs in this segment. Only the front end of the car looks different from the older model. The front grills have been replaced with an extended front bumper. You can open it to find the charging point.

Interior Design

Interior Design

The MG ZS EV interior looks pretty different, having received a complete facelift. The car seats are made with breathable leather, which is great for driving in warmer climates. The front dashboard can be located at a desirable length, where you can reach it by extending your hand.

When it comes to the steering wheel, it is unfortunately not adjustable to a bigger extent. It can only be slightly tilted, and that’s it. However, it’s good to see that the seats are adjustable to a greater extent.

The center digital screen is great, offering great view distances for the driver to see Google Maps. It can also connect with your android smartphone or your iPhone. This allows you to receive calls and play music directly from the touch screen.

Battery And Charging

Battery And Charging

When it comes to the main power of the MG ZS EV, the 72kWh Lithium-ion battery performs pretty well. The battery’s cooling system uses water coolers, which keep the temperature manageable even after long drives.

The battery charging speed is the same as competitors like the Tata Nexon EV and the Tata Tigor EV. It takes roughly 10 hours for a full charge using your home electricity. However, fast-charging stations make it easier, charging up the car to full in under an hour.

The best thing about its charging is that you can keep track of its charge using your smartphone if it’s connected to the car. It also helps you to know how to charge MG ZS EV.

Range, Speed, And Mileage

Range, Speed, And Mileage

According to official information present on the MG official website, the MG ZS EV range is 273 miles. This is equivalent to 440kms.

However, after driving at normal speeds on city roads, I found the real range to be around 220 miles to 240 miles.

When it comes to the top speed, it can go as high as 108mph or around 175kmph. This is a great top speed for an EV in this range compared to other competitors. 

The initial pickup is on par with most other EVs, reaching speeds of 62mph in just under 9 seconds. This gets beaten easily by the lower-priced Hyundai Kona Electric. That car does the same in under 5 seconds. 

Safety Features

Safety Features

I will give this car a high score when it comes to the clever use of many safety features. Being one of the best electric cars in India, it has a 70% standard safety assistance system. This is higher than its fuel-based counterpart. Some of the best safety features are:

  • Lane Keep Assist: It helps you stay in the lane by automatic redirection.
  • Automatic City Braking: The car will automatically brake if it senses that a crash is imminent.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This helps maintain a safe distance from cars and stay under the speed limit. 
  • Traffic Jam Assist: It measures the speed of nearby cars when used alongside Adaptive Cruise Control. 

Driving Performance

Driving Performance

When it comes to driving the MG ZS EV to see how it performs on empty and busy roads, it’s actually pretty average. This is to be expected because it’s made to be an SUV that is meant for families, not a sports car.

The engine is pretty quiet. I liked this since it’s a nice change of pace compared to its petrol-powered counterpart. There are three driving modes – normal, eco, and sport. However, the difference between each of them is negligible. Therefore, I stuck with the normal mode throughout since it felt best. 

The car uses more than required friction since it lacks a blended braking system when it comes to driving. The pickup will often get constrained by the wheelspin on most days. This makes it slow to start. 

The aspect that this car requires is tracking. I personally feel the understeer gets jittery when taking quick turns. Also, the electric steering system seems to be geared a bit higher than average, because the car’s weight is self-centered. 

The ride might feel bouncy on bumpy roads with frequent elevation changes. However, a good suspension system always makes the driver and the passengers feel comfortable. 

Additional Features

Additional Features

One of the biggest additions to this car is the iSmart system that uses a 10.1-inch screen. This lets you connect the car to a smartphone wirelessly. However, you will need the requisite app on your phone to access some of the car features. 

With this app, I was able to see all the information about the car, like its remaining battery charge. It also has quite a bit of range – around 30 meters. Therefore, you can enter a shop and still check whether your car is locked or unlocked. 

You can also use this app as a key to lock and unlock the car from your smartphone. When connected to your smartphone’s internet, the app on the car will receive OTA (Over The Air) system updates when available. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

Q1. Is MG ZS EV Chinese

Ans: MG initially started out as a British sports car manufacturer. However, its takeover by Chinese company Nanjing Automobiles in 2006.

Q2. What Is The Actual Range Of Mg ZS EV?

Ans: The range of the MG ZS EV is described to be around 270 miles. However, its actual range is around 240 to 250 miles.

Q3. What Is The Battery Life Of MG ZS EV?

Ans: The MG ZS EV battery life is around 273 miles (440kms) in normal mode and 370 miles (595kms) in eco mode.

Q4. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Battery In An Electric Car?

Ans: If you want to replace your car’s battery, it will cost you around $20,000 if you replace the battery after its warranty period or distance driven is over.

Final Verdict – Is This EV Worth It?

Judging from all the factors that I have mentioned in the preceding sections, I can safely say that it’s pretty fair for the price.

While better electric cars are on the market in the same price range with better features and performance, this car is still good for a family-friendly SUV. It has lots of impressive features like its long battery range, high top speed, and great implementation of iSmart features.

However, the looks of the car exteriors could have been a bit better, along with better controls at higher speeds. 

If you are ready to pay this price for an electronic car, then I suggest looking for better alternatives or waiting for price drops. 
In case you want to know more about other electric cars, check our reviews of them here at CircleBox Blog!

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