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Mahindra E2oplus Specifications – Everything You Must Know

by Arnab Das
Mahindra e2oplus

Do you want to know about the Mahindra E2oplus Specifications in 2022? If yes, you have to read the complete article to get accurate insights. If you’re going to buy the dream electric car of your choice in India, then Mahindra E2oplus is one of them. 

It is one of the most budgeted family cars that can provide you with the sheer comfort and luxury you deserve at your end. However, you must focus on certain key features and areas of these cars to make things easier. 

Before buying your first dream electric car of your choice, you must go through the features and benefits of that care to make things work your way at the correct point in time. Mahindra electric car can offer you all the required facilities. 

What Is Mahindra E20 Plus Car?

What Is Mahindra e20 Plus Car?

The Mahindra e2oplus car is among the best electric vehicles which are now present in India you can buy with a starting price of Rs7.48 lakhs to Rs 11.49 lakhs. So it is now one of the best affordable family electric cars you can have in your backyard in India.  

Features Of Mahindra E20 Plus Car In 2022

There are multiple core features and specifications of Mahindra e2oplus, which can offer you the best class experience while you make use of this car. Some of these core specifications of this car are as follows:-

1. Opening


The Mahindra e20 plus is one of the best electric cars you can buy at a very affordable rate. It is one of the best electric cars to make your investment in it. Ex-showroom price starts at 8lakh.     

Mahindra e20 Plus prices can range for the middle-income group of people. You need to know these facts before making the changes to your mind about buying another affordable car of your choice. 

2. Appearance Of The Exterior

 Appearance Of The Exterior

Standard e20 is also the oddball, which looks nothing like else on the market. There is a certain buzz about the four-door model. You need to know these things that can help you achieve your goals effectively.    

Mahindra e2oplus EV has a hundred hatchbacks, which makes it safer compared to other cars in terms of road shock. It can make things work well in your way at the right time. You need to go through these features to buy the best cars for yourself in 2022. 

3. Top Speed

Top Speed

The top speed of Mahindra E-20 plus cars is around 80km/hr. You have to understand certain factors which can affect your budget and buying decisions in the future. 

From the car’s speed, you have got an idea why these electric cars in India are slowly taking over the Indian roads. As there are high traffic problems which will always become your best friend on roads.

Mahindra e2oplus has different other versions of the electric cars as well, like Mahindra eVerito, which you can try at your end. 

4. Price Of Mahindra E-20 Plus

Price Of Mahindra e-20 Plus

The price range of this car ranges between Rs 7.48-11.49 lakhs it is the Standard price set for this car, but it can vary from state to state and dealer.  You can cross-check your budget before making your buying decisions. 

The price of this car can go up and down at any point in time. It will be better for you to keep track of the changing price to make better buying decisions. Before you buy, check the Mahindra e2oplus price. It can make things easier for you. 

5. Battery Capacity 

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of this car is 10.08kwh. It is why it is the most lucid electric car that you can make your buying selection at your end.

You must consider this point very carefully, especially when you buy the electric cars of your choice. Ignore making your selection in grey while purchasing the best electric car in 2022.

Another car brand of Mahindra that you can try if you are a brand freak is Mahindra Ekuv 100. Consider these facts before making investments in electric cars. 

Key Specifications Of Mahindra E20 Plus Car 

There are certain critical specifications of the Mahindra e2oplus car in 2022. Some of the essential specifications are as follows:    

key Factors  Key Specifications 
Fuel Type   Electric 
Price      Rs 7.4 lakh -11.49lakh
Seating Capacity    4 people 
Driving Range 110km 
Battery Capacity   10.08Kwh 
Size       3590mm LX1575mm Wx I585mm H 
Charging Time At Home 6hours 
Ground Clearance 170mm 
Warranty       3years or 6000km 

FAQ( Frequently Asked Question):-

Q1. What Is The Mileage Of Mahindra e20 PLus? 

Ans: The mileage of Mahindra e2oplus is 120 km/full charge. It can make things work well if you have electric cars with you. It offers one of the best mileage compared to other electric vehicles globally.

Q2. What Is The Range Of Mahindra e20?

Ans: The range of the Mahindra e2oplus is 120km. It is one of the quality electric cars in India that you can buy at your end. Proper application of the strategy can help you to achieve your goals effectively.

Q3. Can You Charge Mahindra e20 At Home?

Ans: Starting from the port to the electric charge station, the average charge will come from the port of the electric charge station. It is one of the best electric cars globally that can offer quality assistance to you on the road. Time taken to charge the car depends on the drive train capacity.

Q5. How Many KW Is A Car Battery?

Ans: A 60KW battery can generate 60kw of power sustained over one hour. It can offer you the required assistance on time as per your wish. Ensure that you do not make choices in the wrong direction. Proper knowledge of this car can help you reach your objectives easily.

Final Take Away 

Hence, these are some of the core specifications and benefits of the Mahindra e2oplus car, which you must know at your end. You must know these facts on your end while you want to achieve your objectives. 

Feel free to share your goals, ideas, views, and opinion about this car so that we can have a better insight into it. The more positively you can think in this regard, the better you can achieve your objectives. 

It is one of the best high-quality electric cars which can deliver you a quality vehicle experience within your estimated budget. You need to ideate the perfect strategy to help you achieve your goals. Proper knowledge can help you to achieve your goals.

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