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How To Crosspost On Reddit – A Beginner’s Guide

by Sofia
how to crosspost on reddit

With many forms of social media being available for selection, it has become essential to establish an audience for yourself. However, the best way you can do this is by sharing the brand message on the maximum number of platforms.  Reddit is one of the most essential of these many platforms, but knowing how to crosspost on Reddit can be somehow difficult for some people.  

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Who Can Resist The Exciting News Of Reddit?

Who Can Resist The Exciting News Of Reddit

Reddit remains one of the most essential platforms you will ever find anywhere.  It comes with so many communities allowing you a good number of communities to which you can post.  Thus, if you have any hopes of growing your audience, then Reddit should be one of the places you need to head to.  therefore, you learn how to post on Reddit.

Other subreddits come with enormous audiences, which technically makes it easier for you to spread your message.  However, there are some that are much smaller with smaller audiences which are all focused on a central topic. This is exactly what makes Crossposting such an essential trick in winning a huge audience gathering.  

However, if you do not know exactly how to crosspost, then you might not be able to profit a lot from the same. Therefore, if you wish to crosspost Reddit, then you need to be reading the text below. It is a perfect explanation of how to crosspost on reddit and gain an audience for yourself.  

Crossposting On Reddit, What Exactly Is It?

how to crosspost on reddit

Before learning about how to crosspost on Reddit, it is essential for you to, first of all, determine what Crossposting is first of.  This is simply the process of posting the same Reddit post on various subreddits.  Many people who do this do so with the intention of reaching a similar audience using the same content.  

By Crossposting, you will be able to offer your content to the largest number of viewers it is possible at once.  By simply Crossposting, you will be able to get the same post in multiple subreddits all at once and with ease. The good thing is that each one of these posts is independent of the other. This means that likes and comments will not appear across each one of them.  

This is exactly what makes Crossposting very much different from reposting. If you repost on Reddit, then that means repeating the same post in the exact subreddit after posting the original post. Crossposting, on the other hand, means making a post in an entirely different subreddit. Knowing how to crosspost on Reddit will inform you further on this. 

However, before you even check on how to crosspost on Reddit, you need to first start by checking the rules. You might not know this, but it is not any other subreddit that allows for Crossposting, some of them do not.  This is exactly why it is important for you to check the rules before doing any Crossposting on any subreddit.  

How To Check Subreddits Rules For Crossposting 

How To Check Subreddits Rules For Crossposting

Each subreddit comes with its own rules.  Thus, before making a Crossposting, it is very essential for you to take time and check some of these rules.  If, for instance, you crosspost on a subreddit that does not allow Crossposting, then that might result in your post being deleted.  In some cases, you might even find yourself being banned completely. As you learn how to crosspost on Reddit this is also another factor you need to consider.   

To stay on the safe side, you need to check the rules of the subreddit on the Reddit website. Whether you are using the older or new Reddit interface, you will be able to see the rules on the right-hand section of each subreddit page.  By looking at the rules, you will be able to determine whether they allow you to cross post reddit or not. 

If the rules do not allow for Crossposting, then it better not do that.  However, if they do allow for the same, then you can move ahead and crosspost.  There are also some other cases where you might find that the rules are not so clear.  In such a case, it is essential for you to make inquiries about the same through the messenger moderator.  

How To Crosspost On Reddit 

How To Crosspost On Reddit

Now that you have all the essential information you need for this process, it is now time to move on to Crossposting.  If you wish to know exactly how to crosspost on reddit then this is the segment you need to be reading.  It contains the exact process that you can use to carry out this process so easily and fast effectively.  

Step 1:

Begin by opening the Reddit website, then head to the subreddit page.  Doing this is so easy, and you can do so manually or, if not that then, by the use of a Reddit search bar.  With this search bar, you will be able to access the subreddit too.  

Step 2: 

Once you get to the subreddit page, move on to open the exact post that you wish to crosspost.  You will be able to see this post below the listed content and then select the share button.  After doing so, go to the drop-down menu and then make a crosspost selection option.  

 Step 3: 

If, by chance, you are using the old Reddit interface, go ahead and select the crosspost button instead.  It will still work for you in the same way.  

Step 4: 

Right in the create a crosspost menu, make a selection of a subreddit you intend to post your crosspost to.  You can find this from the choose a community drop-down menu.  If there are some subreddits that cannot be posted, then they will be grayed out.  

 Step 5: 

Once you get ready to post, move ahead and select the post button.  If, by chance, the post needs approval first, then select the request to post buttons instead. 

Step 6: 

Once you have your request approved, your crosspost will be able to appear in the new subreddits as a post, though with a cross-posted tag.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the other questions which often Reddit users are asking about.

Q1. What Are The Advantages Of Reddit Crossposting?

Ans: Reddit crossposting gives the individual redditors to find the sources of the original content. This way, the Redditors can find the person or the community that is posting.

Q2. Is crossposting And X Postings The Same?

Ans: Crossposting on Reddit means submitting the same post with multiple subreddits. The crossposts on Reddit or the x post are submitting the same posts within multiple subreddits. Both included multiple embedded original posts and other subreddits scores, and other usernames of the posts.


Many of the readers asked to know how to post on Reddit. Read the upper stanzas, you will get to know them there.  Besides this, if you badly wish to know how to crosspost on Reddit, then consider the article above.  It contains all the information you need about and around this process.  

While you learn to crockpot on Reddit successfully,  you will be able to make an audience base on Reddit.  Therefore, you step further and consider the upper stanzas prime valuable. Enjoy creating posts and likes.  are you interested in the subreddit? Then learn how to make a subreddit.

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