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Graphic Organizer For English Essay: What Is It And Why Should You Use?

by Ankita Tripathy
Graphic Organizer For English Essay What Is It And Why Should You Use

If you are a student, chances are that you are searching for graphic organizers to help you with your studies and also with your essays. It is one of the most important things that students need when they are trying to memorize or analyze a paragraph, an essay, or a text.

Want to know about a graphic organizer? Well, guess what? You have come to the right place. So keep reading this article till the end to learn more…

What Is A Graphic Organizer?

What Is A Graphic Organizer

When it comes to remembering something, the best thing to do is use a graphic organizer. What is it?

Well, a graphic organizer is a form of a tool where a diagram is used to help the students organize, analyze, and memorize certain elements of the text or essay. These diagrams, which are graphic in nature, help the students to remember a chain of thoughts or events chronologically.

No matter what age you are, you will always face problems remembering and organizing points in your essays. And that is where you need a graphic organizer.

Why Should You Use A Graphic Organizer For Writing Essays?

But then, why should you use a graphic organizer? If this is what you are thinking, then let me help you out.

Here are the benefits of a graphic organizer that will make you understand why you need to use one:

  • It makes it easier to learn.
  • You will be able to retain the information of the narrative easily.
  • The visual approach to analyzing the events makes it easier to learn and understand.
  • You get to understand the chronology and the nature of the events much faster.
  • It helps you to enhance your studying skills.
  • It helps the teachers to make their students understand the text better. 

Types Of Graphic Organizers

Types Of Graphic Organizers

Wait, did you think that you could only use a particular style of the graphic organizer? That is where you are going wrong. The type of graphic organizer depends largely on the type of the information that you want to remember as well as the person who is memorizing it.

There are many types of graphic organizers that you can use for your essays. Some of the most common types are as follows:

1. Relational Graphic Organizers

Relational Graphic Organizers
Image Source

The relational graphic organizer is used to help the students remember the relation between the several elements of the narrative or essay, or text. In this type of graphic organizer, students try to draw out charts to memorize the relations of the elements. A cause-and-effect web graphic organizer is also a form of the Relational graphic organizer.

2. Classification Graphic Organizers

Classification Graphic Organizers
Image Source

Also known as the category graphic organizer, this one is of many types. One great example of this type of graphic organizer is the concept map and the process of making mind maps. This type of graphic organizer is used to classify the different elements and group the ones that are similar together.

3. Compare And Contrast Graphic Organizer

Compare And Contrast Graphic Organizer
Image Source

There are several types of compare-and-contrast graphic organizers. But the main point of these graphic organizers is to help the students understand the similarities and the differences between the events, people, or any other elements in the essay. The name of this type of graphic organizer is exactly what this one is for— to compare and to find the contrast.

4. Sequence Graphic Organizer

Sequence Graphic Organizer
Image Source

The task of a sequence graphic organizer is to help the students or the one who is going to write the essay the sequence of the narrative. The flow of the events is what plays an important part in this type of graphic organizer diagram. These diagrams help the students identify the cause and the effect of the events in the narrative.

5. Story Map Graphic Organizer

Story Map Graphic Organizer
Image Source

A story map organizer or a storyboard graphic organizer is the one where the purpose and events of the story are made to remember through a diagram. This helps the student to analyze the plots, characters, setting, as well as the problems of a narrative. This is why it is also called a narrative writing graphic organizer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

As you have almost reached the end of the article, it is best to go through some of these questions that users who search for the best Graphic Organizer ask. You might want to go through them for a better understanding and some additional information on the same.

1. What Is A Mind Map?

Ans: Another form of a diagram that is used as a graphic organizer is the mind map. In this diagram, there is a central idea that is depicted graphically. This is used to represent the hierarchy and the relationships between all the elements that are present in the story.

2. Can You Use Canva As A Graphic Organizer?

Ans: Canva is one of the most popular graphic designing tools that are available. There are a lot of things that you can do with this tool, and creating a graphic organizer is one of them. You can create your graphic organizer in a very short span of time and design it the way you like.

3. What Is A Flow Chart?

Ans: A flow chart can be considered a form of a graphic organizer. It is a diagram where a chain of events or the flow of events is depicted. It is one of the best types of graphic organizers that helps the students to remember the chronology of events.

A Graphic Organizer Is A Must!

A graphic organizer is a tool that a student might use when they need to analyze and memorize the substance or the gist of the text that they are studying. This is because when they look at the diagram, they are able to remember everything that they want to write down.

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when choosing your graphic organizer. And I have mentioned them all above in this article. However, in case you want to know about what a graphic organizer is and why it is a necessity when writing English essays, I hope that you find all your answers in this article.

If, however, there are any other questions that you may have regarding graphic organizers, please ensure that you comment them down in the box below. I will make sure to get back to you with the answers!

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