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Is Redbubble Legit To Buy From? Best guide

by Sofia
is Redbubble legit

Before buying from Redbubble, you might want to, first of all, know if it is legit or not. Is Redbubble legit is one of the questions that people have been asking around this issue.  With so many illegitimate eCommerce sites, you can never tell which one of them is the best and which is not.  

This is exactly why it has become essential for people to enquire about the legitimacy of any eCommerce platform they meet.  As for Redbubble, one of the reasons for that information is the fact that it has been growing fast.  This growth is exactly what tempts people to consider buying from Redbubble but are not so sure about its legitimacy.  

Is Redbubble Legit?

Is Redbubble legit? This is a very genuine question.  Unfortunately, there is no precise response to it.  People look at it from different lenses, something that makes it hard to come up with any conclusive answer.  However, by looking at some crucial factors essential in determining the legitimacy of an eCommerce, it is right to say that Redbubble is legit.  

There are quite a number of factors that speak to the legitimacy of Redbubble.  Take a look at some of these factors below to understand exactly why it is right to say that Redbubble is a legitimate eCommerce platform.  

Redbubble Is Getting Bigger By Every Passing Day 

One thing that you cannot dispute about Redbubble is that it keeps growing with every passing day.  Having been founded back in the year 2006 in Melbourne, Victoria, the company has been growing with every passing day.  

In fact, Redbubble has grown so much that it now has offices in other places like San Francisco and even California.  These offices are aimed at continuing to offer the best and exceptional services to an increasing Redbubble client base.  

As you might know already, it is not possible for a non-legitimate company to grow this much. In fact, many of these bogus e-commerce companies out here never last long enough to see their first anniversary. Therefore, for a company to grow this much, then it means that it is such a legitimate company.  

The fact that Redbubble is projected to even grow more in the future speaks a lot about its legitimacy. The time that Redbubble has been in business speaks so much to the kind of legitimate company this e-commerce company is.  If not, then Redbubble as a company could have faded a long time ago and forgotten much like other bogus companies do.  

Many Cases Of Safe Purchases From Redbubble 

Many people ask the question, “is Redbubble legit to buy from?” Most of them have never made a purchase from this platform.  However, listening to people who have made purchases from Redbubble, you will be so surprised. Most of these people affirm that Redbubble is indeed very genuine and much better compared to other eCommerce platforms.  

There are some clients that argue they have been buying from Redbubble since the year 2008.  These people confirm that during this period, they have not had any issues with Redbubble that would point to illegitimacy. Even though there have been some cases of delays, they do not in any way associate the company with illegitimacy.  

 The company has been proven to be so legitimate by its users.  As it continues, the question “is Redbubble legit to buy from” is more likely to fade with time.  Going by what many people have to say then, it can be argued that Redbubble is very safe.  

The Best And Trustworthy Customer Care Service  

The people who ask is Redbubble legit to buy from should try out its customer service for a much better response.  As you already know, the customer service of any company is a very essential component of the same company.  Having the best customer care services means that a company is committed to offering these best customer care services.  

Having a reputable customer care service team in place that means the company has the interests of its clients at heart.  In case of any problems, it is much easier for the interested clients to find help within the shortest period of time.  

Redbubble has the best customer care services you will ever find anywhere.  The company has put together some of the best experts in the business who are committed to making sure that only the best services are offered.  This means anytime you raise an issue with Redbubble then, the customer care team will be able to assist you on time.  The good thing about this team is that it is always available for you when you need it.  This means anytime you raise an issue, the same issue will be responded to within the shortest period of time possible.  

The Redbubble customer care has a reputation for giving timely responses to any of the issues their clients raise.  This means that when you get in touch with them, you will not have to wait for so long for a response to come through.  This bit of customer care services answers the question, is Redbubble a legit site.

Searches For Web Security Vulnerabilities

If you ask questions like “Is Redbubble a legal website?” then the answer is yes. 

A website can suffer from many different kinds of vulnerabilities, like incomplete access control systems, failures in database encryption, unstable web page designs, and outdated and vulnerable security control systems. 

Social Media Responsibility

Most users know Redbubble as a proactive social company. This is because it constantly provides new updates to its website, introducing new features for artists to make money. Whenever such updates get rolled out, Redbubble shares a post explaining what they are. They also explain in detail the various bugs and glitches that have been ironed out.

When it comes to user complaints, Redbubbler is proactive on social media, addressing or recognizing the problems as soon as possible. This includes glaring defects on their website (like crashes in the payment system and uploading system). Whenever such issues occur, Redbubble quickly addresses them through social media posts, where it warns users of defects and what features will be temporarily shut down for maintenance. 

Has Various Templates To Choose From

Redbubble has many different types of templates that users and designers can choose from. Since many designs that look great on paper will not work out well in the digital medium, this firm ensures that new artists get the resources they need. This helps newer artists on the platform to learn better digital design trends and styles, which occurs as they familiarize themselves with the default templates provided by Redbubble.

In addition, experienced artists can share their templates, helping out beginners artists in the process as well. This helps in making a healthy community grow with the support of Redbubble users. 

20% Margin

Is Redbubble legit?” is a question that is asked by many arrto9sts to already existing users of Redbubble. Fortunately, the answer has been “yes” all the time. Artists have said that Redbubble provides lots of options and opportunities for artists to make good money. This is because Redbubble provides flat 20% margins to you when your art gets sold. That means you will get 20% more than the price of your art whenever you make a sale.

Mixed Reviews 

To be honest, the factors listed above speak to the whole issue of Redbubble being legitimate.  However, this does not stop some mixed reactions from some clients and other reviewers.  Reviews are a normal thing with any eCommerce platform and have never been a show of legitimacy or lack of it.  

In fact, some people pay reviewers to make comments and reviews that give a certain impression about the company.  This is why it is not recommended to fully rely on reviews when trying to determine the legitimacy of a company.  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Is It Safe To Order Off Of Redbubble?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to order off of Redbubble. This is primarily because the users and the art they sell on the website are all verified and are legit. Therefore, customers will get what they see. 

Q2. Why Are Redbubble Reviews Fake?

Ans: Many customers have complained that Redbubbler reviews are all fake. Questions like these are the main reason why “Is Redbubble legit?” questions have been raised on social media platforms and forums. This is because many users have used other accounts to set up more likes for themselves, increasing their rating in an inorganic process. 

Q3. Is Buying From Redbubble Worth It?

Ans: The answer to this question is subject to personal preferences. There are many different kinds of art that get sold on Redbubble. Therefore, there is no way you will like everything that you see. Everyone has different demands and artistic viewpoints.

Q4. Where Is Redbubble Shipped From?

Ans: Redbubble ships all its products from various countries. However, they have their biggest customer bases in the USA, UK, and Australia. 


If you are asking the question, is Redbubble legit to buy from? Then the text above is what you need to read.  The text contains essential information about this issue and the legitimacy of Redbubble.  

Redbubble is a legit website from where you can buy art from. This is because all its artists are verified and steel high-quality art to customers. Plus, it is a great place for new budding artists to make money since it provides a flat 20% margin on all sales.

Sio what are you waiting for? Stop asking questions like “Is Redbubble legit?” and go buy art for yourself now!

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