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How Many Jobs Are Available In Investment Managers?

by Mashum Mollah
How Many Jobs Are Available In Investment Managers

How many jobs are available in investment managers? 

When you are thinking about this question, it is obvious that you are thinking about starting your career. So, here I will guide you on that. Apart from answering the question you are searching for, I will also guide you on the necessary things that you need to consider. 

After all, you need to prepare for the job that you are thinking about opting for. You should know the skills you need, the required educational qualifications, and obviously the best jobs available. 

So, now, without wasting more time, let’s start by answering the question first. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In Investment Managers?

If you want to know the exact number of available jobs for Investment Managers, let me tell you it is not possible to give you an exact estimation as the number of available jobs is changing every day. 

Also, for different job roles, like finance director and others, the number is different and constantly changing. That is why here I have curated a table for you with the available jobs in the United States in the Investment Managers industry. 

Job ProfileNumber Of Jobs In The United StatesJob Openings 
Portfolio ManagerMore than 15,000More than 45,000
Equity TraderMore than 22,000More than 15,000
Investment banking AnalystMore than 22,000More than 52,000
TraderMore than 30,000More than 15,000
Credit AnalystMore than 65,000More than 25,000
Wealth ManagerMore than 92,000More than 152,000
Research AssistantMore than 201,000More than 58,000
Finance AdvisorMore than 203,000More than 116,000
Finance AnalystMore than 387,000More than 160,000
Finance ManagerMore than 388,000More than 135,000

Required Educational Skills

Required Educational Skills

When you are looking for “how many jobs are available in investment managers?” You also should know the educational qualification that is required. After all, you need to be the corporate controller as soon as possible.  

Here, a bachelor’s degree is required, particularly in a business-related field. There are a lot of employers who personally prefer candidates with a master’s degree in business administration or an MBA. Here, a master’s degree in finance will also do great. 

Apart from having the educational qualification, the candidate also should have excellent decision-making and strong analytical problem-solving skills. After all, when you are choosing this profession, you need to communicate with clients effectively. 

Factors Affecting The Availability Of Jobs In Investment Managers

"Factors Affecting The Availability Of Jobs In Investment Managers

Just like any other industry, there are several factors that affect job availability in investment management. The state economy, amount of available capital for investment, and regulation level in the financial sector are some of the majors. 

At times of economic growth, when individuals and businesses are looking to invest their money to get more return, the demand for investment managers increases. On the other hand, during an economic crisis, the demand falls in the financial future.

It is because, during economic downfall, people focus on saving more instead of investing their money. 

Also, the regulation level in the financial sector is another crucial factor that affects job availability in this particular sector. During the time of tight regulations. Investment managers have to operate within strict guidelines. 

As a result, the opportunities for employment get limited. Although, when the regulations get relaxed, a great potential for innovation and economic growth leads to increasing demand for investment management services. 

Last but not least, the available capital amount for investment always plays a crucial role in determining job availability in the investment management sector. In case the amount is large, there is more potential for profits. 

As a result, the demand for investment management services also increases. On the other hand, in case of a scarce capital amount, it becomes difficult to produce returns. So, the demand for investment management services automatically declines. 

Some Required Advice

Some Required Advice

When you are looking for investment management jobs, you also need to know how to get one. Of course, you need to study, develop some necessary skills and need some advice to ace it. 

There are different types of investment management jobs available that depend on both your experience and skills. But the competition for these types of jobs is fierce. That is why it is crucial for you to stand out from the crowd of millions of people. 

So, here I am to help you with some tips. 

  • You must have a strong understanding of the basics of investment management. It includes financial accounting, risk management, and portfolio theory. 
  • Develop your experience by working in a related field, or you can opt for an internship in the accounting or finance sector. This will bring you a chance to learn about the industry along with making some valuable contacts. 
  • Obviously, get your qualifications. A number of investment management jobs need just a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, like business administration or finance. But in case you hold a master’s degree or any other higher degree, it will get preference. 
  • Last but not least, you should think of becoming certified by the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. This is a globally recognized thing that will help you a lot in getting your dream job. 

To Conclude

Now, you got the answer to your question, “how many jobs are available in investment managers?” Along with the answer, I have tried to give you as much information as you need to opt for a career in this field.

In case you have any doubts, feel free to leave that in the comment section; I will try to come up as soon as possible.

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