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Cost Of Studying In Singapore 2023

by Arnab Dey
Studying In Singapore

Singapore is an excellent place to study. It has a low crime rate and high standard of living, giving you the chance to enjoy your studies.

However, studying in Singapore is more expensive than in other countries because living expenses are higher here. The cost of tuition fees will vary depending on your program type and level of study but this article will give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for tuition fees compared with other countries around the world:

Tuition Fees in Singapore

Tuition Fees in Singapore

Tuition fees in Singapore are the most expensive of all countries. The tuition fees in Singapore are increasing every year and it is more than in other countries.

Tuition fees in Singapore are higher than in other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

Additional costs associated with studying in Singapore

A. Cost Of Living In Singapore –

At the time of writing, it was estimated that the cost of living in Singapore per month for a single person was about SGD$ 4,200. This figure includes accommodation, food, and other expenses such as internet access and transportation.

It is worth noting that this figure does not include tuition fees or any travel costs associated with studying abroad in Singapore. You should also consider possible increases to these costs over time due to inflation (inflation is an increase in general prices).

B. Accommodation –

You will have to pay rent on top of your tuition fee if you do not live with family or friends while studying at the university. The average area where students choose to live while studying overseas is in Central Singapore where they can enjoy easy access to public transportation and other facilities like cinemas, restaurants, etc…

The most expensive areas are Bugis and Raffles Place followed by Orchard Road which runs along Orchard Road from Somerset Road junction all the way down until Tanglin Road where it ends at Tanglin Shopping Centre (see map below). After collecting information from various sources about average monthly rents for apartments located within these two streets we determined that:

Bugis street apartments rent out at around $2 per square foot ($2300 per month) for a one-bedroom apartment; two bedrooms are priced approximately between $3-$4 per square foot ($3400-4500); three bedrooms might go up as much as $5-$6 per square foot ($5000-6600).

Orchard road offers similar prices but is slightly lower because there isn’t enough demand yet here so building owners would rather sell their property than rent it out instead which means less competition between renters too! Some people say this could be another reason why housing prices have been going up lately because developers need money fast before they lose their investments completely…

Scholarships And Financial Aid


Scholarships and financial aid can help you pay for your study. However, the number of scholarships available for international students is much lower than that for Singaporean students.

Therefore, if you are an international student and wish to pursue a degree in Singapore, it is important that you apply for as many scholarships as possible. If you are unable to secure a scholarship or financial aid from your country’s government or university fund, there are still other ways through which you can get assistance to cover the cost of studying in Singapore:

  • Tuition fee waivers are granted by some universities based on academic performance and merit. Usually, these waivers do not cover all your tuition fees so they do not always represent better value than discounts available through private providers like StudyLink (see below).
  • You could apply directly through universities in Singapore that offer part-time programs such as evening classes or online courses when they aren’t offered full-time (i

Studying in Singapore will cost more than your tuition fees because you need to pay for living expenses too.

Cost Of Living In Singapore

Cost Of Living In Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore is very high, compared to other countries. The main reason for this is that most goods and services are imported from overseas. As a result, prices are higher than what you would find locally (i.e., within your own country). For example, an apartment unit in the city center costs around $10,000 per month on average!

However, if you choose to study abroad during your gap year or exchange semester instead of taking on employment right after graduation then there’s no need to worry too much about paying rent because many students will be provided with accommodation by their university or host family upon arrival.

It’s also worth noting that food costs can vary greatly depending on where exactly within Singapore one chooses not only because of transportation costs but also due mainly due to cultural reasons as well as personal preference regarding the type


Studying in Singapore will cost more than your tuition fees because you need to pay for living expenses too.

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