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How To Stop Microsoft Teams From Opening At Windows Startup

by Sofia
How to stop Microsoft teams

There is no doubt to the fact that Microsoft teams is one of the best communication applications there is currently.  The Microsoft team is such a great application for communication purposes as well as team management.  The Microsoft team is there with other applications like skype and zoom as well.  However, people have been looking for ways on how to stop Microsoft teams on their windows 10.  

Being that Microsoft teams is such an incredible application for communication, you might want to know why this is the case.  Why would people seek to know how to stop Microsoft teams when this application is just as good as the others.  

What Is The Role Of Microsoft Teams?

Role Of Microsoft Teams

To perfectly understand why some people look for ways on how to stop Microsoft teams, you need to, first of all, understand what Microsoft teams is and what it does.  The role of Microsoft teams is merely communication much like skype and other such applications as well.  

With Microsoft teams, one can video call or chat which makes it such an efficient communication tool.  However, with Microsoft teams comes another problem which is sort of a bother to the people who have this application on their phones.  

For instance, when someone sends you a chat on Microsoft teams or calls you then a pop-up window will show up on your screen. This window is what is not appreciated very much by some people as it tends to disrupt them in some ways. The bad thing with all this is that anytime someone sends you a message this will be the case which is even worse.  

You could be getting more of these messages and calls which then results in pop-ups on the screen.  There are people who feel that this is so much and choose to stop Microsoft teams.  Being this way, some people therefore choose to look for ways on how to stop Microsoft teams from opening.  

Microsoft Teams Leads To Inefficiencies With Your PC

The other thing with Microsoft teams is that it results in some sort of inefficiencies on your PC.  Even though this does not occur to all the people, it somehow affects some who proceed on to look for ways on how to stop Microsoft teams

The other reason which has necessitated the need to learn how to stop Microsoft teams is the manner in which it affects the PC.  There are times when the Microsoft teams might force your PC to slow down a little bit making it a bit harder for some people to do some things in the right way.  

These reasons cumulatively make for the need to find a way to look for a way on how to stop Microsoft teams.  However, lack of knowledge on how to carry out this process has made it hard for some people to carry out this process and execute it fully.  

In this view, therefore the text below provides you with methods which you can use to carry out this process.  If you do not know how to do this and more so in the right and efficient manner then the text below is going to be of immense benefit to you.  

From this text, you are going to find useful information which will enable you to undertake this process in the right manner.  There are more ways you can use to carry out this process but this text is only interested in the most realistic of them all.

Use The Application To Deal With This Problem

One of the best ways you can use to deal with this problem is by the use of the application itself.  It is the easiest way you can use to go about this approach in case you are looking for a way on how to close microsoft teams popping up.

Step 1

Go to the taskbar system tray then right-click on the Microsoft team’s icon.  If you do not see the icon on the taskbar, click on the arrow up icon which is on the status bar to reveal this icon.  

Step 2 

The next thing you want to do now is select the settings located in the context menu. Doing so will launch the Microsoft team’s application and then automatically which will then redirect you to the settings page application.  

Step 3 

Once you have done that, move ahead and uncheck the auto start application and then move ahead to close the settings application.  

Step 4

That should be it, once you have completed this process you will have stopped Microsoft teams and consequently dealt with the teams from popping on your screen.  This is one of the simplest means you can use to deal with this problem if you really need to.  

It will take you a short period of time to deal with the process and that will be it.  Even though there are other procedures you can use to deal with this problem, this should be the best of them all.  You can try it out and the results will be instant.  

What Happens When Stop Microsoft Teams?

One of the questions that have been asked again is what happens when you stop Microsoft teams.  The answer to this question is that you will no longer be able to use Microsoft teams on your computer.  Therefore, you will not have to put up with regular pop-ups on your screen from this application every now and then as it is when you have the application with you.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How To Stop The Mircosoft Teams From Showing Away?

The status will go to the show away option if the applications are running on the backend. You have to keep the team’s applications in the foreground while using them from your mobile device.

Q2: Why Do The Mircosoft Teams Keep Opening Up?

If you are keeping your autostart feature open, you can disable it to fix the problems. First, open the Mircosoft team’s applications from your system.

Q3: How To Remove The Microsoft Teams From Startup Windows?

You can disable Microsoft teams from the Task manager, and it will not startup automatically. Press the Ctrl, shift, and ESC keys and open the task manager. First, do, click on the Mircosoft teams and switch on the disable option.


If you have been looking for a way how to stop Microsoft teams in your Windows then the text above offers you the best guide on how to do this.  From the text, you will find procedures you can follow to make this entire process a success in the end.

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