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Anxious People Netflix Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

by Debamalya Mukherjee
Anxious People Netflix Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

Anxious People Netflix is a series released solely on this OTT platform in December 2021. This is a Swedish series directed by Felix Herngren, based on the book Folk Med Angest by Frederick Backman.

The story follows the aftermath of what happens after a robber takes a group of people hostage and then suddenly disappears, leaving everyone at the scene confused and anxious.

But since it’s a pretty obscure movie, should you spend time watching it or skipping it? That is what I will help you decide by watching this movie and writing its review for you all. Therefore, if you wish to figure out whether this movie is for you or not, read this review here.

Anxious People Netflix Cast

The main cast of Anxious People Netflix are:

  • Leif Andrée – Roger
  • Per Andersson – Lennart
  • Marika Lagercrantz – Anna Lena
  • Lottie Ejebrant – Estelle
  • Elina Du Rietz – Linda
  • Anna Granath – Zarah
  • Sascha Zacharias – Liv
  • Dan Ekborg – Jim
  • Alfred Svensson – Jack
  • Carla Sehn – Julia
  • Petrina Solange – Ro

What Is Anxious People Netflix About?

What Is Anxious People Netflix About?
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When Jack Johansson (Alfred Svensson) was a young child, he witnessed a man in a suit jump over the same bridge while carrying a rucksack full of pebbles around 10 years earlier. The man handed Jack a message to distribute to his loved ones, making it clear that he wished to kill himself.

He returns to the home he shares with his father, Jim, in the present (Dan Ekborg). They both work as police officers in a Swedish town where they commute together.

But first, Jim is hoping that Jill, Jack’s sister, will come to celebrate the New Year with them. Jim even sent her some money through a wire transfer for a train ticket. Jack is shocked that his father fell for Jill’s scheme to get more money for drugs.

Next, while the teller displays a sign indicating that the robber is in a cashless bank, we witness a masked robber break into a bank and hold a teller at gunpoint.

When the stylist, Milou (Shima Niavarani), informs Jack that she is aware of Jill’s visit, Jack interrupts his haircut across from the station and walks away to quarrel with his father over Jill. Milou warns them of the situation directly behind them as the conflict breaks into the street.

The thief drags everyone inside the building where the auction takes place while they pursue him. Even though they don’t frequently deal with serious crimes like this, Jim believes they can handle it without assistance from the Stockholm police station nearby.

They decide to wait it out while the thief makes a strange demand for pizza and pyrotechnics. The robber frees the hostages, but when they enter the flat with the Stockholm SWAT team (after Jack requested assistance from the local police), they cannot find anybody.

None of the hostages who the father and son question can clearly describe the thief, which leaves the two of them wondering what the robber’s fate is.

Detailed Perspectives

The best way to characterize the movie Anxious People Netflix is as a gradual burn. You only realize how expertly Fredrick Backman has guided you to this specific destination near the conclusion.

A bestselling author starting a new series is always intriguing. It’s still difficult to tell with Nervous People whether Backman is writing against type or if his other books served as warm-ups for this specific masterwork.

Anxious People Netflix is a stand-alone narrative that doesn’t require knowledge of the author’s past works, and it’s intriguing how the author employs characters from other books.

The Tone Is More Comic Than Serious

People of all ages will enjoy Anxious People Netflix with a humorous narrative with serious undertones. In this miniseries, Backman creates a web of interrelated people, and the storytelling technique leaves viewers wondering how one character’s life is related to the others.

Every character has secrets that they’re keeping, which helps people who have faced their concerns and personal demons relate to them better. The narrative also addresses familial obligations, love, sorrow, and mourning.

Backman’s past work is evident in the fast-moving story and overall ensemble of people, particularly in how he turns an apparently normal circumstance like apartment shopping into an emotional roller coaster.

A Tale Of Unexpected Incidents

Anxious People Netflix is an entertaining dramedy that successfully balances its severe and humorous aspects. In some ways, it strays too far from reality, but the characters’ individual experiences more than makeup for the occasionally clumsy plot.

The show finds time to examine the friendships built between strangers as they deal with their fears while delving into modern life’s complexities with all of its challenges and problems.

Everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t quite fit into society’s boxes or who has found it challenging to understand their own feelings will be able to relate to these stories because of how honestly they are delivered. Anxious People Netflix location is interesting to watch because it strikes a fascinating mix between humor and drama.

Final Verdict: Is Anxious People Worth Checking Out?

This occurrence brings together several personalities, which are followed throughout the series. It switches between many characters and investigates the lives of six individuals who are drawn together by an unanticipated circumstance.

Backman is unquestionably a master of his trade. A steady hand guides the tale and every emotional aspect of Anxious People Netflix review with great care and accuracy. The characters search for purpose in their life throughout the narrative to comprehend what went on and how to change it. Therefore, the review Netflix Anxious People differs from other works in related genres by having a strong sense of loneliness throughout.

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