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12 Gorgeous Motion and Kinetic Typography Videos

Following the recent success of the Hilarious Design Related Videos from YouTube post last week, I have decided to produce another post that involves video. Motion and Kinetic Typography is becoming ever more popular – more and more blockbuster movies are heading in the right direction in the opening scenes of movies, and TV commercials are getting in on the act, too.

In this post I’m presenting you with a selection of gorgeous motion and kinetic typography based videos, all of which can be found at YouTube.

I Love NY – Type in Motion

Citizen Cope – Let The Drummer Kick (AFX)

Jack Johnson – Gone: Type Animation


Kinetic Typography – Live Out Loud


Eleanor Rigby Typography Motion

Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl

Pirates of the Caribbean: What do Keys do?

Sin City: Typographic Animation

Sweeney Todd – Kinetic Typography

Superbad – Type Animation

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Hilarious Design Related Videos on YouTube

I caught a clip of the Graphic Designer vs Client video seen below and thought it was hilarious, and so true to the world us designers live in – there are a lot of ‘business men’ out there that don’t know what they’re talking about, and thinks a good piece of design takes no longer than 5 minutes to create and is only worth a few pound – well they’re wrong! Anyway, one thing leads to another and I got browsing YouTube. So here is a small collection of funny design related videos. If you ever have any problems with a client, send them one of the following!:

Graphic Designer vs Client

A hilarious animated sketch based on ‘one of those clients’ that don’t just appreciate us designers.

Graphic Designer vs Client: The Sequel

A follow-up to the previous Graphic Designer vs Client video!

Web Designer vs Client

A great video like the previous two – this time between a web designer and his client.

Life as a Graphic Designer

A fun little video re-enacting a meeting with a client – sometimes design really is like trying to please a five year old.

Original Design Gangsta Rap

Slightly cheesy but quite funny rap about graphic design.

Mac vs PC Xtranormal Style

Not so much to do with design, but a great little video on the never-ending battle between Mac & PC-C-C-C’s.

Mac vs PC – South Park Edition

Yet another Mac vs PC video… South Park style!

Create a Vivid Underwater Light Bubble Effect in Photoshop

Benjamin Reid of Nouveller.com brings us Circlebox Blogs first ever video tutorial, teaching you how to create a vivid underwater light bubble effect in Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to blend different colours together by manipulating the hue & saturation, how to create a new brush using brush dynamics and scattering and how to put some simple layer styles to good use.

The outcome of the tutorial will leave you with something looking like this:

Benjamin Reids Version:

Benjamins Bubbles

My Version:

Callums Bubbles

As you can see the outcome can vary dramatically so don’t be scared to play about with options! Develop it further to create awesome Twitter backgrounds, wallpapers or even posters!



The Tutorial:

If you fancy watching the high definition version of the video, head over to Vimeo.

Would you like to see more video tutorials like this one? Let me know!