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Hand of Callum: The Free Hand-Drawn Vector Font

After receiving a Wacom Bamboo tablet from my gorgeous Fiancée as a Christmas gift, I decided to give it its first real use to produce a vector pack. At first, I just wanted to do something simple but useful at the same time; that’s where a vector typeface came to mind! Read on and download the font!

The vector pack is called ‘Hand of Callum’ which I find quite suitable as it is my (capital) hand-writing. It consists of letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9. Each letter/number is an individual letter/number (in the same .AI file) and can be reduced or increased in size, made 3D and manipulated in anyway that takes your fancy. If you want the lettering to be bolder, simply increase the stroke of each letter. The typeface is most suitable for headings, illustrations and small areas of type.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this vector pack, so get in touch using the comments section below. You can download the pack completely free of charge below. The pack can be used in your personal and commercial work.


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12 Gorgeous Motion and Kinetic Typography Videos

Following the recent success of the Hilarious Design Related Videos from YouTube post last week, I have decided to produce another post that involves video. Motion and Kinetic Typography is becoming ever more popular – more and more blockbuster movies are heading in the right direction in the opening scenes of movies, and TV commercials are getting in on the act, too.

In this post I’m presenting you with a selection of gorgeous motion and kinetic typography based videos, all of which can be found at YouTube.

I Love NY – Type in Motion

Citizen Cope – Let The Drummer Kick (AFX)

Jack Johnson – Gone: Type Animation


Kinetic Typography – Live Out Loud


Eleanor Rigby Typography Motion

Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl

Pirates of the Caribbean: What do Keys do?

Sin City: Typographic Animation

Sweeney Todd – Kinetic Typography

Superbad – Type Animation

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The A-Z List of Free Dingbat Fonts for Personal & Commercial Use

Due to the success of the recent article ‘The A-Z List of Free Sans Serif Fonts for Commercial Design‘, I have decided to write some more A-Z lists. This time, I’ve decided to do something a little different and base it on dingbat fonts. Please note that some of these fonts are only available for personal use, so be sure to read each individuals fonts T&C’s as they are all different!



A is for Alphabots


B is for BD Flossy


C is for Charming Symbols


D is for Donkey Kong World


E is for Eutemia Ornaments


F is for Fiolex Mephisto Dingbats


G is for GE Zodiac


H is for Hamburg Symbols


I is for Invaders From Space


J is Open For Suggestions


K is Open For Suggestions


L is for Lisa’s Dragons


M is for Monsterocity


N is for Natural Signs


O is for Our Little Darlings


P is for Pharaoh Glyph


Q is Open For Suggestions


R is for R.P.G.Katakana


S is for Sun & Moon


T is for Temphis


U is Open For Suggestions


V is for Vintage Video Games


W is for WinPets2


X is Open For Suggestions


Y is for Yiroglyphics


Z is Open For Suggestions

If you like this and the Sans Serif Fonts post, keep an eye open for my other A-Z Lists that are coming soon over at DesignM.ag!

The A-Z List of Free Sans Serif Fonts for Commercial Design

There are a few things I’ve been meaning to do over the last couple of months since purchasing my iMac: Find, Download and Install Sans Serif, Serif and Calligraphy fonts, and make a decent post or two for Circlebox whilst searching. I’ve finally got around to collecting some Sans Serif fonts, so here are just some of the fonts I installed in a nice ‘A-Z List’. If this post does well, I’d like to make an A-Z list for Serif and Calligraphic fonts, too – so let me know if you like it in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

The A-Z List of Free Sans Serif Fonts for Commercial Design

You can download all the fonts for free from the ever popular dafont.com by clicking on the fonts name.


A is for Aaargh.


B is for Baar Sophia.


C is for Champagne & Limousines.


D is for Dinova.


E is for Enigmatic.


F is for Folks.


G is for Gilgongo.


H is for Headthinker.


I is for Ideoma Technit.


J is for Jalane Light.


K is for Kenyan Coffee.


L is for Labtop.


M is for Mamma Gamma.


N is for N.O.Movement.


O is for Olijo.


P is for Print Clearly.


Q is for Qlassik.


R is for Reznor Broken.


S is for Street Corner.


T is for Tall Films.


U is for Ubahn.


V is for Vera Humana 95.


W is for Winterthur Condensed.


X is for X360.


Y is for Yorkville.


Z is for Zag.


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