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Back From The Future: Sleek Web Design Inspiration

With the current trends in web design always changing, and the capabilities of the latest HTML and CSS techniques always growing stronger, it’s great to keep on top of what’s going on; either by spending a few hours browsing the web from time to time, or purposely coming to showcases such as this one to keep up to date with the web design industry.

This article showcases a wonderful collection of 27 sleek and modern showcases from all around the world (and web!). What’s your favourite?

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A Splash of Sleek Blue Web Design Inspiration

I’ve seen a few compilation posts recently showcaing different colour-schemed web designs – I thought I’d give it a shot myself. I have rounded up a selection of 30 stunning blue web designs to showcase here for inspiration. With it heading into Summer and all (at least it is here in the UK), all of us British designers and developers are hoping clear and bright blue skies should soon be making a regular appearance – hopefully this post will get us all in the spirit for some sunshine, although we probably don’t need much encouragement!

What is your favourite web design showcased here and why? Let me and everybody else know in the comments section at the bottom of the post! Any retweets or stumbles are greatly appreciated!

Vegas Uncork’d

Neutron Creations

Los Colores Olvidados

Morphix Design Studio


PSD to eCommerce

Festival Boreal


Toggle UK

Brooklyn Fare

Kosh Creative


No Sleep For Sheep

Blue Door Baby



Quaffs Labs



Brad Colbow

Scroll Lock

Enso CMS

Bluedots Design

CSS Project

Jamison Banham




Oppdag Troms

Kyan Media

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Photographers Showcase: The Amazing Shots by Rankin

Rankin is a highly skilled photographer, publisher and film director living in London with his wife and thirteen-year-old son. He has many famous shots, from Kylie lying naked and prostate, to the Queen smiling enigmatically. His iconic and mischievous style have him a reputation as one of the world’s leading photographers, and is an inspiration to millions across the globe.

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Rankin says “There’s no point in dressing it up, I love women and I love taking photos. It’s more like a fantastic hobby than a job.”. Below is a showcase of 37 of Rankin’s photographs, which are bound to top your inspiration levels up for at least a few hours!

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Selection of Beautiful Hand-Drawn Doodles in Web Design

A quick inspirational post today (a quickie but a goody!) showcasing a selection of beautiful hand-drawn doodles in web design; a trend that is becoming ever more popular as the weeks pass by.

There are nine designs in total, a small amount, but together are sure to inspire you much more than you expect! Hold on to your seats, let’s go!

Coopers Kids

Coopers Kids uses a lovely grungy splattered background, with a lovely hand-drawn doodle of a clown holding a selection of colourful balloons.

New to York

New to York uses a great composition in its web design, using diagonal lines and a bright yet limited colour scheme. The use of a hand-drawn hand gun makes the design much more visually appealing than it already was; a real stunner!

Lindsey Jayne May

This soft and modern design makes use of some great photo-manipulation techniques, blotchy watercolour effects and the use of texture on a simple grid-based design. The hand-drawn line drawing of the a humans skeleton in the header of the design adds that extra “oomph”, not to mention how superb the colour scheme is!

Red Velvet Art

This design is quite busy but surprisingly works very well. It reminds me a lot of a well used notepad or sketchbook, two items that are quite commonly used when it comes to art-related topics, whether it be traditional art, digital art, photography or even knitting! The colourful scheme makes this site a happy one, perfect for all art lovers!

Adam Amaral

The great portfolio of Adam Amaral is simple and is purely based on a sketch; from the header, writing and even the navigation and image frames. The illustration in the top left corner tops this design off, a great composition!

Made To Kill

Made To Kill doesn’t use as much hand-drawn elements in the design of the site compared to others in this selection of designs, however where it does, it is done very well. The Made To Kill logo has been hand-drawn to make it look like chalk on an old-fashioned chalkboard.

Esteban Muñoz

This great design has a superb hand-drawn doodle/sketch in the bottom right corner of the site, which, if visited, will follow your cursor around. Some may find this annoying, but at full-screen, it’s a piece of art in itself and for me is pretty damn beautiful!


The majority of this design is rather standard. The header design, however, is incredible. It is based completely on a sketch, using hand-drawn elements to create a border for the logo and navigation. A fantastic idea that works very well with the rest of the digital-based design.

GNL Entertainment

This flash-based photography portfolio uses some digital fonts that have been made to look like handwriting, mixed with some simple but lovely hand-sketched icons at the bottom of the page, linking the user to various social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

What’s your favourite hand-drawn website? We’d love to see your designs (or just your favourite!), so be sure to link us to them in the comments section below!

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Artist Showcase: Beautiful Illustrations by Good Wives and Warriors

Good Wives and Warriors (GWAW) is the creative partnership of Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell, who met each other whilst studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Rebecca means ‘good wife’ and Louise means ‘warrior’, and together they create weird and wonderful illustrations and sprawling wall paintings. They have participated in exhibitions all around the world, including Europe, the USA, South America and Australia, and are still continuing to work on their projects using their unique and experimental approach. They are currently based in London.

They have worked for a huge amount of clients including some very popular brands such as Adidas, Swatch, MTV and Urban Outfitters. There client list is growing, and it’s easy to see why if you take a look at there incredible work which is showcase below.

The Work of “Good Wives and Warriors”

Good Wives and Warriors Links

Be sure to check out a few of these links to keep up to date with this great pair of artists!

I am hoping to get a new artist showcase out to you every week from now on. They’re a great source of inspiration, help the blog grow, and will hopefully help the featured artist or agency grow, too. It’s a great thing for everybody! So if you like this post, please be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything like this in the future, and help promote the post by using the buttons below to stumble it, digg it and bump it! Thanks!