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Beautiful Staple Zine & Booklet Inspiration

Recently I’ve had an idea of putting together a small staple-bind magazine (or “zine” as they’re commonly referred as). I want to give print design a bit of a bash.

I want to be able to hold something beautiful that I created in my own hands, and send them out to my followers as something to help inspire them with their work, so in this post I’ve collected a few examples of things I really like, with some really awesome booklet printing. I thought I’d share them with you, and hopefully get your advice, too.

My biggest problem as of yet is not having a topic. I have several ideas floating around in my head, but I’m not totally sure what I want to focus on yet. This is where you might be able to help! What would you like to see? A few ideas of mine have been: a booklet full of good quality interview with popular designers, a booklet full of interesting and fresh vintage/retro style illustrations, or a some sort of guide teaching you how to do certain things, possibly UI based. I’d love to know what you’d be interested in buying (these will be cheap!), so please do comment on this post and let me know what you’d like to see.

Below are a collection of things related to this format that I really like. I’m actively seeking more inspiration for the project I have in mind, so expect a larger post like this!

Colouring Book by James Jarvis

I remember having colouring books as a kid and sometimes thinking “these are a little rubbish!”. Some of them were brilliant, good paper stock (not that I knew what this was at the time), and good drawings. Others were thin like tissue paper, and the drawings were terrible. Maybe a colouring book could be something that could go down reasonably well with the mothers and children?

James Jarvis Colouring Book

James Jarvis Colouring Book

James Jarvis Colouring Book

James Jarvis Colouring Book

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11 by Atelier Martino&Jaña

These editorial zines are absolutely stunning. I love the typography and the general layout, and think a format like this would work tremendously well for an inspiration or interview based booklet.

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11

Coco Book by Ruth Pearson

I especially love the large typography in this, and the fact that it has been printed on black paper – that’s just hot!

Coco Book

Coco Book

I need your help!

So what would you buy? Is there a space (very small, mind you) that needs filling on your bookshelf? If this first issue goes well, I’d love to do more!

Computer Arts Covers: 12 Months of Inspiration

I’ve been buying Computer Arts for a year now, and recently received a subscription for the next twelve months as a gift for Christmas. I now have 12 issues and every single cover is pretty incredible. I dug out the camera and shot the covers for those that don’t or can’t pick the magazine up every month.

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My Face (and Tutorial) Published in Advanced Creation Magazine!

A couple of months ago I received an email from the Chief Editor of Advanced Creation, Stéphanie Guillaume. I was asked if my Hippy Van Tutorial (How to Create a Hippy Van Vector in Illustrator) could be republished in the popular French Magazine. Without much thought I almost immediately said yes, thinking what a great opportunity it would be!

My files were sent off, translated into French, and 2-3 months later I received the magazine through my door, which happened to be today! This is just a quick post with a few photos of the magazine, which I am pretty proud of!

Magazine Shots

The magazine was released on the 31st of December 2009, and is an Illustrator special, my tutorial being one of a whopping twenty!

This is the first time I’ve ever been in a magazine, or anything published on paper for that matter! I feel privileged to have a picture of me in a magazine that is sold all over France!

The whole tutorial got a total of 4 pages made up from two double spreads. Thank you Advanced Creation!

Some Familiar Faces

There were a few familiar faces who also had tutorials featured in the magazine:

Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo had his typographic logo tutorial featured in the magazine.

Chris Spooner from Spoon Graphics had his cute furry monster illustration tutorial featured in the magazine.