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Top Design Shows on TV

Thankfully for fans of niche television programming, TV options have become more expansive and diverse over the last few years. This is largely thanks to the types of services that you can find at http://www.satellitetvfamily.com, which can often include specialty channels and packages that include relatively unique programming. For example, if you are interested in design, whether as a graphic designer, interior designer, etc., you will find that there are actually multiple television shows designed to educate and entertain people with your particular set of interests. Here are three examples of design-related shows that have become popular in recent years, and which are well worth checking into.

Top Design

Top Design is a Bravo network show that follows in the mold of television shows like ?Top Chef? and other talent-based reality shows. It pits twelve interior designers against each other (while living with each other) for a set period of time and a number of challenges designed to test their skills and creativity. Members are eliminated throughout the duration of the season, based entirely on their finished products, and in the end we are left with a single ?top designer.? This can be a great show for people who simply enjoy different aspects of design, as it displays a number of different ideas and talents.

Design For Life

Philippe Starck, a world renowned product designer, started this show as his own version of a design-based competition reality show. Design For Life, which airs on BBC, features twelve students of design brought to Starck’s design school in Paris to compete against each other in design tasks in an effort to best each other and impress Starck. Needless to say, the show provides a unique and fantastic opportunity for these students, as well as a good deal of intrigue for viewers who would be interested in seeing a top designer at work teaching and critiquing the work of others.

Design For Life

Project Runway

This show, which is hosted by world famous model Heidi Klum and airs on the Lifetime network, is more geared toward fashion design, as implied in its title. This is another competition-based show that pits different aspiring fashion designers against one another to see who can create the best product within set materials and themes (and with time limits). Contestants are eliminated in every episode, by a panel of judges that generally includes a few big names in celebrity fashion or design, leading to 3 finalists and, ultimately, a winner.

Five virtues of user interface design

UI design is by no means easy, but it is incredibly fun. You get to use your imagination to create new or improve upon pre-existing site and app user interfaces. However, being a UI designer does come with a few governing virtues that all designers should follow to produce great interfaces. The 5 virtues that all UI designers should live by include:


You are not designing a site to look flashy and show off your mad skills; you are designing a site to enhance the lives of your users. For each design you create you must always keep your users in mind. Not everyone is a developer, and forgetting about your audience can cause you to create a site or application that is beyond their reach.


There is a reason why most sites and apps follow a specific pattern – it is because it is what users are used to. Creating a completely new site design with common features in new areas will only confuse your users and deter them from coming back to your site. Unfortunately, people like to stick to their usual patterns. If you change it up too much on them, they will find it jarring and uncomfortable.


When you walk onto a StorageMart site, there is nothing fancy about it. It offers nice, clean storage units that are easy to use and self-explanatory. Your UI designs should be the same way. The more things you add to a site or app, the more difficult it becomes to use or follow. In design, simple and straightforward is always better.


Your site or application should always empower your user. Never dumb something down so much that your user feels as though they are being mocked. You want them to be able to use your design in a way that will enhance their lives, without feeling dumb for having to use it. Make sure you create a site or application that reinforces that.


Ver-what? Exactly. If you want to provide a design that is understandable and easy to use, then you need to use language that is conversational and easy to follow. Just because you have a great vocabulary doesn’t mean you need to use huge words all the time. Use words that are common to the way your audience speaks.

Online Book Launch: Junior Design Jobs

Over the past couple of months I have been planning a book that I hope to get published at some point over the next year or two. Before this thing is turned into a book though, it will exist as a blog, or as I’m calling it, an “online book”.

The “online book” has a totally unoriginal name of Junior Design Jobs, but I will think up something more original when it comes to actually getting what I hope to be a beast of a book printed!

Junior Design Jobs

The book is all about getting your first design job: Do you need a degree to be a designer? How big should your portfolio be? Is it ok to use personal projects in your portfolio? What should be included in your CV/Resumé? The book will be packed full of questions like this, and of course some detailed answers from not only me, but other successful designers, whether they be juniors themselves of creative directors with years of experience.

Here’s a small clipping of the article “Do I need a design degree to get a junior design job?“:

I worked my way up right from the very bottom, taught myself what I needed to know, and am now earning what a designer with 10+ years experience would normally earn (I only have 2 years experience) whilst all my designer friends from college are still at Uni – forking out closer to the amount I’m earning from loans rather than pocketing it!

So, head on over and check it out, and if you like what you see you can subscribe and keep up to date via RSS, Facebook or indeed Twitter!

I hope you enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

Fab design sales site launches in 33 days!

I found out about a new website yesterday called Fab, who have even managed to get their hands on a brilliant domain – fab.com.

The site is all about design inspiration, where people can upload images of things that inspire them. But that isn’t what excites me. What excites me, and most other people, are the design sales they are going to offer. And I’m not talking design sales such as “80% of this design pack” etc (if those are what you’re interested in, check out MightyDeals, whose current offer is the following:

Fab Daily Design Inspiration and Deals

Fab however will be offering deals and sales on “real” products, such as furniture, design books, and gadgets (to name a few). Memberships are based on priority access, so sign up quick!