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Top Design Shows on TV

Thankfully for fans of niche television programming, TV options have become more expansive and diverse over the last few years. This is largely thanks to the types of services that you can find at, which can often include specialty channels and packages that include relatively unique programming. For example, if you are interested in design, whether as a graphic designer, interior designer, etc., you will find that there are actually multiple television shows designed to educate and entertain people with your particular set of interests. Here are three examples of design-related shows that have become popular in recent years, and which are well worth checking into.

Top Design

Top Design is a Bravo network show that follows in the mold of television shows like ?Top Chef? and other talent-based reality shows. It pits twelve interior designers against each other (while living with each other) for a set period of time and a number of challenges designed to test their skills and creativity. Members are eliminated throughout the duration of the season, based entirely on their finished products, and in the end we are left with a single ?top designer.? This can be a great show for people who simply enjoy different aspects of design, as it displays a number of different ideas and talents.

Design For Life

Philippe Starck, a world renowned product designer, started this show as his own version of a design-based competition reality show. Design For Life, which airs on BBC, features twelve students of design brought to Starck’s design school in Paris to compete against each other in design tasks in an effort to best each other and impress Starck. Needless to say, the show provides a unique and fantastic opportunity for these students, as well as a good deal of intrigue for viewers who would be interested in seeing a top designer at work teaching and critiquing the work of others.

Design For Life

Project Runway

This show, which is hosted by world famous model Heidi Klum and airs on the Lifetime network, is more geared toward fashion design, as implied in its title. This is another competition-based show that pits different aspiring fashion designers against one another to see who can create the best product within set materials and themes (and with time limits). Contestants are eliminated in every episode, by a panel of judges that generally includes a few big names in celebrity fashion or design, leading to 3 finalists and, ultimately, a winner.

40+ Illustrated iPad Wallpapers That Aren’t Garbage

With the iPad launched and doing very well, I decided to look for a bit of inspiration for a wallpaper pack I am making (including iPad wallpapers, obviously!) for DesignGiveaways, and I thought I’d share with you a small selection of the many hundreds I looked at. These are all illustrated, square and at approximately 1024×1024 pixels ready to use as your iPad background, whether you’re a landscape or portrait user – or maybe you’re greedy and use both! ;)

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Round-Up of Twenty Great (and Free) “Groovy” Fonts

It is clear that there are no certain rules for a groovy font. Moreover, it is not about following some rules or traditional approaches, groovy style is all about alternative traits and experimenting with strokes and glyphs. If you are looking for cool fonts out thereyou are at the right place. These 20 groovy fonts below are a must-have. The fact is all of them are free! Download and enjoy!

Hippo Critic

Hippo Critic free font

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie free font

SF Groove Machine

SF Groove Machine free font



Space Out

Space Out free font

Billo Dream

Billo Dream free font

JI Fajita

JI Fajita free font

Candy Randy

Candy Randy free font


Blomster free font

Biscuit Tin

Biscuit Tin free font

Souci Sans NF

Souci Sans NF free font


VAL free font


Sakiane free font

SF Espresso Shack Condensed Bold

SF Espresso Shack Condensed Bold free font

Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Pie free font


Marquee free font

JI Margarita

JI Margarita free font

1960s Hippie

1960s Hippie free font


Flores free font


Brouss free font

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A Collection of 975+ Fresh Social Media Icons

We all love social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon, and when used correctly they most definitely are one of the best ways to promote the content on your website. To promote the content though, it’s not as simple as simply retweeting your own posts – sure, that can help, but the real joy of it is when everybody joins in! From just one tweet, you could generate hundreds or even thousands of others, and the same goes for Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon.

One of the best ways to get your websites audience to interact with your site and help promote it using social media is to include links or icons at the bottom of your content-filled pages, such as posts. This post shares with you eleven fresh and modern social media icon packs, with a total of over 900 individual icons!

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Free Vector Panda Social Network Icons – 12 Icons

Download Icons!

Cutielicious! A Free Twitter Bird Icon Set – 500

Download Icons!

Free Letter-Pressed Icons – 330 Icons

Download Icons!

Sketchy Hand-Drawn Web Icons -30 Icons

Download Icons!

3D Social Media Icon Pack – 20 Icons

Download Icons!

Exclusive Free Hand-Sketched Icon Set – 16 Icons

Download Icons!

Free Social Moleskin Icon Sets for Bloggers – 5 Icons

Download Icons!

Free Social Media Vintage Postage Stamp Icons – 23 Icons

Download Icons!

Green Thumb Social Media Icons – 12 Icons

Download Icons!

Extreme Grunge Social Media Garmant Icons – 20 Icons

Download Icons!

The Little (Free) Sketchy Monster Social Icon Pack – 7 Icons

Download Icons!

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Character Design: 12 Wonderful (and Fresh) Tutorials

Character design plays a huge part in the design world. It’s a great way to draw in customers of all ages, from Toddlers to Grannies! In this post I have rounded up 12 wonderful (and fresh) character design Illustrator tutorials.

In the list, you have the opportunity to learn how to create typographic characters, monster illustrations, various animal characters and a character inspired logo design.

Draw a Happy Monster Illustration
  • Use Gradients to make a 2D object appear three-dimensional.
  • Put the Intersect Pathfinder Tool to good use to create custom shadows.

Create a Curious Owl Illustration
  • Use Radial Gradients with multiple colours to create curious eyes.
  • Use a Gradient Mesh to produce a three-dimensional looking beak.

Create a Vector Bilby Character
  • Create different compositions before heading to the computer.
  • Make a custom drop-shadow using the Motion Blur tool.

Create a Cute Vector Bear Illustration
  • Use simple Shape Tools to produce a vector bear.
  • Make use of various different Pathfinder Tools to easy manipulate shapes.

Create a Typeface Character
  • Use a Typeface of your choice to make your own effective typography characters.
  • Create outlines of text to make individual letters easy to manipulate.

Draw a Punk Kid Character
  • Use the Pen Tool to make vector hair look three-dimensional.
  • Use a Scatter Brush to create stubble.

Create a Vector Clip-Art Style Snowman Character
  • Use the Pen Tool to create a snowman from scratch.
  • Use Pathfinder Tools to apple custom patterns to shapes.

Design a Cute Hamster Avatar Illustration
  • Use the Gradient Tool to make objects appear three dimensional.
  • Use Blending Modes to make different areas of your character stand out.

Draw an Angry Little Samurai Character
  • Use the Transform Tools to make your character symmetrical.
  • Make use of the Gaussian Blur Tool to add reflections to shiny surfaces on your character.

Create a Happy Sun Character
  • Make eyes pop from their sockets by backing them up on additional shapes.
  • Use the Warp Tool to change the shape of simple star and triangle shapes.

Create a Funny Insurance Agent Character
  • Use block shapes to create a original and funny composition for your character.
  • Define custom patterns and apply them to your shapes.

Create a Fun and Three-Dimensional Character Logo
  • Use different Stroke Options to make 2D text appear 3D.
  • Use a Pathfinder Tool to merge your artwork into one piece.

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