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Lightspeed iHelicopter Review

The Lightspeed iHelicopter would make the perfect gift for any of your nerdy friends, male or female. It is controlled via your mobile device such as your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, so make sure they have a compatible device to control the helicopter as no other remote is supplied (although I’m sure this won’t be a problem in such as tech-savvy world!). All you have to do is plug in a sensor adapter to your phones headphone jack and download the app for your mobile, and away you go!

This iPhone helicopter will give your lucky friend hours of fun, with some superb features which I have managed to try out for myself. I must first tell you that at first, this thing is hard to get to used to, they’re not lying when they say “Lightspeed”, it really is fast, especially when you hit that turbo button!

The helicopter itself looks great, and is very sturdy and strong. I’ve crashed it into several walls, ceilings, cupboards, my girlfriends hand and even flew it right into my bicycles spoked wheel, and it hasn’t a mark. Even if you do manage to break something, the helicopter ships with some spare parts, which is pretty damn handy as I’m sure most won’t do this.

No batteries are required as a USB charger is supplied to charge both your helicopter and your sensor that plugs into your iPhone, it takes just 30 minutes to fully charge the helicopter, allowing for approximately 9 minutes of flight time even with the awesome LED lights flashing away.

For just $60 USD or £30 GBP this is one of the best Christmas presents this year for the geek in your life! Paramount Zone also have plenty of other Christmas Present Ideas if this doesn’t suit your needs 100%!