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I’ve been quietly working on a side-project with my uncle the past couple of weeks called We are making dot grid books and pads for designers and illustrators. They are available right now, purchase directly at or using the iFrame below…

These are very competitively priced and available worldwide with affordable postage. Head on over and like us on or follow @dotgridco on Twitter.

Cappture – a revolutionary way to capture & share your life

This is an exciting day for Circlebox Creative; the announcement of our upcoming self-released iPhone app along with brilliant internet genius Mat Carpenter.

I’ll keep this short and simple, as we’re keeping the project fairly secret until launch.

Cappture is a new way to take photos, create memories, and share those memories with your friends and family like never before, all from the palm of your hand.

Cappture App

If this looks like you’re cup of tea, please do head on over to the landing page and drop your email to stay updated with the app at! You can also check out early previews on my Dribbble page.