Beginners Tutorial: How to Design a Texture Based Wallpaper in Photoshop

In this beginners tutorial by David Y, you’ll be picking up basic Photoshop techniques such as using the brush tool, putting blending modes to good use and playing with the line tool. You can pick up the outcome of this tutorial as a wallpaper in various sizes for your monitor, iPhone or Blackberry via Davids blog!

What we’ll be working towards:

This is my first ever tutorial but without further delay…

Things you will need:
Paper Texture from
Watercolor Texture from L+T
Line Brushes from dA
Aguzlo Font from DaFont

Step 1:

To begin create a new document in Photoshop to the resolution you would like it to be. When I made this wallpaper I started out using a 1600×1200 mainly because I would be resizing it later for other resolutions.

Step 2:

After you have created your canvas paste in your paper texture and from here I’d recommend you be creative, adjust the hue and saturation of the layer to your liking, I personally went with more of a canvas approach.

Step 3:

Next paste in your watercolor texture…

Step 4:

Depending on the main background of the layer set the layer settings to either multiply or darken so you can have something similar to what is pictured below.

Step 5:

Select the brush tool, and choose a line brush. In this particular instance I applied 3 brush strokes to the lower right hand corner using the following colors (#000000, #00B5DA, #06E025). Then I applied a brush stroke to the upper left hand corner. Feel free to use colors of your preference. Remember this tutorial isn’t about creating a clone but about creating your own personal wallpaper.

Step 6:

Once the line brush effect was in place I then went to add a subtle but very good enhancing tidbit to the upper left hand corner. Using the line tool set to 8px, I made 5 lines using the following colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple – again you can use whatever colors you do prefer. Once the lines were created I simply then lined them up to form a single line and then placed them in the upper left hand corner.

Step 7:

Last but not least…. Let us add in some text. It could be your favorite quote, your name, anything you’d like. This part is a focus on making the wallpaper your own. The font I’m using here is called Mati which is a paid font, so for those who don’t have that I’ve included a link at the top of the post to a font that is similar!

I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and your outcome. This can be used as a base for a more detailed wallpaper or even a album cover! Share your results with us below!

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