The Circlebox Monthly: 18th September 2009

There are a couple major changes as from today, so I thought I’d share them with you as soon as possible!

As a lot of you may have noticed already, Circlebox Textures went down this morning. It was a HUGE mistake, made entirely by me! There were two (for some strange reason) WordPress installations for Circlebox Textures, and the one that wasn’t being used was actually, somehow, running the blog… I’m not quite sure how that was happening but it was. So anyway, I’ve searched my Mac and no back up can be found for the posts, so I’ve decided, with the suggestions of some others, to merge Circlebox Textures with Circlebox Blog.

That means that your favourite textures are no longer live, so I will be posting them over the next few months here at Circlebox Blog. It’s a huge pain, not only do I have to repost all of the textures, but I lose all of them hundreds of links that were a great source of traffic – hopefully they’ll be redirected to here when they’re all up again.

If you have your own blog, please let me know, as I am more than willing to donate some of the texture packs for my readers to post on their own design blogs, in return for a link to Circlebox Blog.

For all of my Circlebox Texture readers, just subscribe to the Circlebox Blog feed to make sure you don’t miss any future texture packs!

Other than this, there’s not all that much going on right now. A tutorial I’ve written is due for release at soon, so keep an eye open for that! I’m full time job hunting at the moment, and am available for freelance design projects, so hit me up with an email if you want a quote over at!

2 thoughts on “The Circlebox Monthly: 18th September 2009

  1. Denesia

    Hi Callum! I decided to drop by this past weekend to check out your your textures like usual and I thought I clicked on the wrong Circlebox bookmark. lol Your mistake has turned out to be a good one. Now we can read your cool blogs and look for your amazing textures all on one website. I hope you have a non-stressful time putting the textures on here. You know that bronze paper texture I liked, well I played around with it some weeks ago on one of my graphic artworks and it gave it a glowing cubistic/abstract effect. I’m going to put the finishing touches on it this week and then I’ll show it to you. It’s amazing what a texture can do to a photo or artwork. Thank you again for the wonderful textures! :)

  2. Callum Chapman Post author

    Hi Denesia, thanks for the lovely comments! :) I’m really glad you like reading Circlebox and find the textures useful. The gold paper texture you mentioned has actually been posted over at LBOI just in case you even want it again! A couple of other packs have also been posted at Nouveller. Reposting textures is very long-winded, so I’ll only be reposting a few old packs here over the coming months, along with new, unseen packs of course! Thanks again :)


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